Claims For The Attempted Rape Case Were Dropped, Mason Greenwood Again Had A Lot Of Competition On The Line In Front Of MU?
Manchester United player Mason Greenwood. (Photo: Instagram @masongreenwood)

JAKARTA - Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood may breathe a sigh of relief. The court's demands on charges of attempted rape that dragged his name have been revoked.

The news of the withdrawal of the charges was announced by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on Thursday, February 2 local time.

"Mason Greenwood was charged in October 2022 with one charge of attempted rape, one charge of controlling and coercion behavior, and one charge of assault that led to an actual body injury," the CPS said in an official statement quoted by LiveScore, Friday, February 3.

"A decision has been made to stop prosecution in accordance with the Crown Prosecution Code," the statement said.

Greenwood was first arrested in January last year after police stormed his home on reports of rape charges. He is actually scheduled to be tried in November 2023.

A CPS spokesman said they would also stop the case because the results of the witness examination did not show any violation of the law.

"We have an obligation to continue to review cases. In this case, a combination of the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that was revealed shows no more realistic prospects for punishment. Under these circumstances, we are obliged to stop this case," said the spokesman.

"We have made clear our decision to all parties. We will always encourage potential victims to report and report to the police and we will sue wherever our legal tests are met," he explained.

Head of the Greater Manchester Police Public Protection Inspector, Michaela Kerr also emphasized that Greenwood is now free from any accusations. He is also no longer involved in criminal matters.

"Given the significant media coverage of this case, it is fair if we share the news that a 21-year-old man, who has been arrested and charged in connection with an investigation opened in January 2022, is no longer facing criminal proceedings in this regard," Kerr said.

"The investigative team remains in regular contact with the legal team, provides record updates, and understands the reasons for the termination of the process at this stage, and that this decision is not taken lightly."

"Despite the interests of the media and the public in this case, we have decided not to comment in more detail," he said.

During the investigation into these allegations, Greenwood's name was still registered as an active player of the Red Devils. It's just that his performance at the club is frozen.

With a decision free from prosecution, it opens up opportunities for the player to be able to return to the squad. Everyone is just waiting to see how MU will provide an opportunity for Greenwood.

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