Menpora Said About The Controversy That Took Part In Lifting The U-16 National Team's Victory Trophy In The U-16 AFF Cup: Not My Wish
Menpora Zainudi Amali helped lift the national team's winning trophy in the U-16 AFF Cup (Doc. Kemenpora)

JAKARTA - The Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia Zainudin Amali gave clarification regarding himself and the PSSI General Chair who lifted the trophy after the national team won the final match of the U-16 AFF Cup.

According to Amali, he and Iriawan and the Secretary General of the AFF were asked by the President of the AFF to hand over the trophy and hold the trophy. Then to be lifted up together also together.

"I was initially asked by the master of ceremonies (MC) to go on stage with the AFF President, AFF Secretary General, PSSI Chairman and PSSI Secretary General. We took turns giving awards and draping medals, starting from the referee, top scorer, goalkeeper to the best players," said Menpora Amali, Saturday, in a written statement.

"I had my turn to hand over to the best player (M. Iqbal) and drape the medal with the PSSI Chairman to the first winner (Indonesia). After everything was finished, it was time to hand over the AFF U-16 trophy by the AFF President to the Team Captain (M. Iqbal), " he continued.

At that time, continued Amali, the President of the AFF asked me together with the Chairman of the PSSI and the Secretary General of the AFF to hold the trophy together and then be appointed to the top together.

After handing over the trophy, Amali admitted that he was invited back by M. Iqbal et al to take a photo together with the moment of lifting the trophy. So, firmly Amali, M. Iqbal et al who invited himself while lifting the trophy as a euphoria of pride for the victory of the U-16 national team.

"The atmosphere was lively, the children were happily enjoying the victory while taking pictures together. After that, I stepped down from the podium, but after a few steps Iqbal et al and officials called again so that I and the PSSI Ketum took pictures with them," he explained.

"There was also a moment while lifting the trophy. So, it wasn't my wish. But Iqbal et al who were happy asked me to take a picture holding the trophy with them. In fact, I was also invited to go around the field with them while greeting the audience. That's what actually happened," concluded Amali.

The Indonesian U-16 team won the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup on Friday night after beating Vietnam 1-0. After confirming the title, the trophy was handed over on the podium in the middle of the field by Menpra Amali and the Head of PSSI Iriawan.

But there was an unusual moment that happened when the trophy was handed over. AMali and Iriawan actually joined in to lift the trophy.

Instead of giving flexibility to the team captain, Iqbal et al and U-16 national team officials to lift the trophy, Amali and Iriawan actually grabbed and lifted the trophy with joy.

This moment looks odd because usually the tradition of lifting the trophy is carried out by the team captain and all the players who go down on the field. The incident later went viral on social media.

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