Signs Of Damaged Car Starter Dinamo: Here's An Explanation And Cause
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YOGYAKARTA - Have you ever had trouble turning on the car engine? It could be because the car dynamo is problematic or damaged. You just need to know the sign of the car's dynamo starter is damaged. What are the characteristics?

The reason is, the dynamo starter itself is a tool that is in charge of turning the flywheel teeth on the engine so that the car can turn on. If this tool is damaged, of course the car will find it difficult to start. Here are some signs.

1. Hard Engine Turns On In A Heat

Signs that show a dynamo starter is damaged, namely, a car engine that is difficult to start after being used is hot. So, you must silence the car in a dead condition for a few moments until the engine is cold, then the car can be restarted.

This took place due to the resistance of coils which continued to grow, causing a stagnant electric flow. If the electricity stagnates, the car will find it difficult to turn on. If your car experiences this kind of thing, you should quickly check the condition of the car's dynamo starter before the damage is getting worse.

2. The sound of Desing and Gemeretak

If you hear the sound of desing and shaking when you are about to start the car, it could be that the sound arises due to the dynamo of the problem car starter.

This sound arises from the existence of a connection between the teeth in the gear pinion and the teeth in the engine gear ring. If the two gears in the dynamo starter are Aus or damaged, there will be densing and shaking sounds. If the sound is getting louder, it is a sign that the damage to the gears is getting worse.

3. Cars Do Not React When STARTed

Cars that do not react when started also describe the characteristics of a dynamo starter experiencing damage. This can happen due to dynamos that are not strong enough to turn the engine, so the car does not react. Generally, the cause is a screen on the dynamo that breaks. The broken screen should be replaced quickly because if left unchecked it can infect other electrical components on the dynamo.

1. Troubled Aki or Electric Flow

The first cause that causes dynamo to be damaged is due to a problem with electricity or battery. The reason is, aki is an electrical device that supports electricity in the car. If the battery is problematic, the electricity supply from aki to dynamo will weaken, it makes the dynamo unable to function normally. As a result, the car engine cannot turn on.

2. Forcing Dinamo Work

The next aspect that can be the trigger for the car's dynamo to start is to force the dynamo to work. If the dynamo car starter is a natural problem, but you still force to start the car, it will cause more serious problems in the car's dynamo. Forcing the dynamo will make the dynamo hot. The heat that arises can burn other components around the dynamo.

3. Carbon Crash At Dinamo Starter Starts Out

Finally, the dynamo car starter can be damaged by the carbon brush in the dynamo starter running out. If the dynamo round weakens and strange noises appear when the car is turned on, it could be a characteristic that the carbon gross in the dynamo is running out and must be replaced.

Those were some of the characteristics of a damaged car dynamo along with the causes you need to know. So that your car dynamo is always durable, you can apply several things to avoid damage to the dynamo, including routinely checking the condition of the dynamo, regularly checking the condition of the car battery, immediately replacing the carbon brush dynamo with a new one when it is running low, and not forging to start the car engine if the car can't start.

Not only that, if your car dynamo is damaged, you can immediately call for help from professionals to repair it so that there is no further severe damage.

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