How To Jumper The Right Car's Aki: Mandatory Tofu Beginners!
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YOGYAKARTA - When we have a car, we are required to know several things, including the right car battery jumper method. Especially how to jump an emergency battery in unfavorable conditions.

Cars suddenly break down can happen at any time. Usually this is caused by a car battery that is old and there could be a capacity discrepancy in the car battery (often called a battery tore). Usually the complaint is after the engine starter doesn't turn on. In an emergency like that, a ki must be done. But how? Here's the explanation.

The principle of a car jumper is actually in order to 'cing' the battery so that it can work again. In order to be able to do a jumper, you need another car battery to become a donor. Keep in mind that the battery used as a donor must be in good condition.

The first step that must be taken is to prepare the necessary equipment. It does not require too many tools, but first make sure the donor battery that will be used is in good condition. This means that the electricity or voltage is still normal. It is recommended that the battery used from similar batteries and has the same voltage value.

Once deemed appropriate, also prepare a jumper cable. There are several types of cables so you have to know what cables are suitable for your car battery jumpers.

2. Adjusting the position of the car

If the preparations are ready, then set the position of the car by bringing the two cars closer. This is done because the jumper cable is usually not so long. Set the position of the car to be close together. Therefore, as much as possible find a place that is wide.

3. Connecting Both Akis With Jumper Cables

The jumper cable looks like an ordinary cable, but there is a clamp on both ends. We need to understand where the second position is the pole of the battery terminal. The pole is positively required by + and the pole is negative marked by -.

There is also a battery that marks a positive pole with a red color and a negative pole with a black color. To determine the color or sign of this pole, first clean the dirty battery with the cloth before it is used.

This car battery jumper method can be tried by using a method of connecting positive poles to positive poles as well, and vice versa.

Wearing a cable clamp to the positive pole or a red patterned pole on the problematic car battery first, then attach it to the positive aki pole which is still functioning.

After that, the pole flips are negative or the tip of the black cable clamp from the car with a battery that works and then puts it on the negative pole of the soak battery. Make sure the flips are strong enough not to be easily released.

4. Start the car engine

After connecting the two batteries, then try to restart the car engine. However, start the donor car engine first and start the car with a soak battery. The car can be turned on with engine rotations above 1.000 rpm.

Wait 5 minutes by squeezing the gas slowly above idle. This method is tried to fill energy in the troubled battery.

After that, let stand for approximately 20 minutes on the idle position (not stepping on the gas). If the car doesn't want to turn on, then we can wait a few minutes to let the charging process go.

5. Releasing the Aki Jumper Cable

When the car has been successfully turned on, it means that the battery that is soak has received quite a lot of energy. After that, the last thing in the car jumper method is releasing the jumper cable.

Release the cable on the negative pole on the car with a battery soak first, then after that release the cable on the negative pole attached to the donor car.

Also on the cable at the positive pole of the same order. Be careful when releasing both cables. Done!

How To Jumper Aki With Powerbank

In addition to implementing car batteries with other car batteries, you can actually do it with a power bank. But with a note, the power bank used does have special features and large capacities so that it can fill the battery of the car that is soak.

Currently, many types of power banks in the market are equipped with special skills to recharge car batteries. But unfortunately, regarding the cost, it will certainly be much more expensive than the usual power bank type.

This power bank work technique is similar to a battery. On the other hand, the battery jumper method with a power bank is actually not much different when picking up the battery using a donor's car battery.

Aki's jumper technique with power banks, among other things:

1. Make sure that the power bank we use is the best power bank product that has been equipped with a safety indicator.

2. Make sure the lower power bank has full energy.

3. Turn on the cable with a end that has 2 clamps, where the red clamps make the pole positive and the dark color makes the pole negative.

4. Each of these cables is connected to the aki pole according to the pole, a positive pole encounters a positive pole, a negative pole encounters a negative pole.

5. Make sure that the safety indicator is still dead.

6. Then, press the power button on the power bank.

7. Finally, the car starter until the car engine will turn on.

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