Deputy Prevention Of BNN Values The Importance Of Reconstruction Of Narcotics Law Regarding Rehabilitation
Narcotics Law. (Pixabay)
JAKARTA - Deputy for Prevention of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Richard M. Nainggolan said that there was a need for the reconstruction of the Narcotics Law (UU), especially regarding rehabilitation in narcotics abuse. "Reconstruction. It is appropriate, we only arrange it again, so that it is in accordance with the objectives of the law," he said at the Postgraduate Doctoral Promotion Open Examination of the Law Study Program at the Indonesian Christian University, Jakarta, Thursday, October 12, was confiscated by Antara. Departing from this problem, Richard raised the topic of reconstruction of the regulation of state responsibility for the rehabilitation of victims of narcotics abuse with the value of justice towards sustainable development as his dissertation. "I offer one of them to see in terms of legal construction. Well, this legal construction must also be improved, so it must be reconstructed, so that we can later solve this narcotics issue," he said. According to Richard, Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics has not been fully firm and detailed in regulating the rehabilitation of abusers or victims of narcotics abuse. Therefore, he believes that there is a need for reconstruction of several articles regarding the rehabilitation. “ If we don't rehabilitate, wherever the user is who is an addict, he will still be an addict. That's certainly an opportunity for narcotics criminals, dealers in particular, because they will look for consumers, he said. Richard is of the opinion that there are still overlaps in the current Narcotics Law, such as Article 127 and Article 54. “Article 127 states that the narcotics abuser was convicted (because) he was a criminal, but Article 54 states that he must be rehabilitated, ” he said. The BNN Deputy for Prevention also highlighted the word “ complete ” which is contained in Article 112 of the law. "If we look at Article 112 there is control, of course whoever misuses it will definitely control it, so Article 112 will fulfill the elements for the person concerned to be suspected; even though he only uses it for his own interests, ” he said.
According to Richard, in addition to enforcing legal rules to account for his mistakes, rehabilitation is absolutely carried out as a whole for abusers, addicts, and narcotics dealers. He further added that to complete narcotics trafficking, demand (demand) must be abolished or reduced. This is to put pressure on narcotics businessmen so as not to spit their wings. “Karena kalau kita berbicara narkotika, ini selain dia adalah kejahatan kan ada aspek bisnis di sini. Kalau bisnis, berarti kita berbicara demand dan supply. Nah, dari sisi demand ini kita pengurangi,” katanya. On the other hand, efforts to educate children about the dangers of narcotics through schools and families are also considered important by the Deputy for Prevention of BNN. "In addition to targeting children, how do we target them so that they have immunity to refuse to abuse narcotics, we reduce how we try, we make actors, these narcotics businessmen do not have the power to develop their wings," said Richard.

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