Ganjar Encourages University Curriculum Reform: If Kaku, Lose To Vocational School Children
Ganjar Pranowo (Photo of the Ganjar Campaign Team)

JAKARTA - The presidential candidate (Readpres) Ganjar Pranowo stated the importance of an adaptive curriculum in universities in Indonesia. Ganjar conveyed this when he was a resource person at the IdeaFest event in Senayan, Jakarta.

The statement was to answer the phenomenon of graduates of the Secondary Engineering School (STM) which is even more in demand by companies than graduates of Higher Education (PT). The reason is that STM graduates tend to have skills that are more in accordance with industrial needs.

Ganjar emphasized the importance of reforming the education curriculum at all levels, from schools to universities. According to Ganjar, the curriculum must be able to adapt to the times and provide freedom for students to choose relevant education.

"There is free learning, actually the campus must also free its students, liberate the curriculum, and be more environmentally friendly. What is an environment? External change. So if he (the curriculum) is stiff, that's how it will happen. Trust me, it's a loss to vocational school children," said Ganjar, Saturday 30 September.

Ganjar also revealed the importance of internships for students, both in companies and in government. This experience, said Ganjar, will provide students with the necessary knowledge and insight when entering the world of work, as well as helping companies and government agencies in student admissions.

"The curriculum must be adaptive, children must also be adaptive, meaning that students, students need internships, need introduction to industry, need coaching industry to be able to collaborate, and that in my opinion is very modern," said Ganjar.

Ganjar also highlighted the importance of education that not only provides knowledge, but also identifies and develops students' talents and potentials. According to him, this will help students become resilient and successful in the future.

"Education does not only give one order, it also has to find talent, right, the talent must be developed. Because in the future, he (students say) 'This is what I get, this is what I can'. And he will be tough with science," said Ganjar.

Ganjar, who previously served as Governor of Central Java for two terms, revealed that he had implemented an internship program for students during his tenure.

"I open an internship place, and every year students come with internships, including people with disabilities, so it's also time for schools to be obliged to have inclusion. So that we know what their capacity is. Yes, don't be rigid, times change," concluded Ganjar.

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