Joint Team Puts Out Forest And Land Fires In Palangka Raya
The joint team carried out forest and land fires at a number of points in Palangka Raya City, Wednesday (27/9/2023). BETWEEN/HO-Humas Palangka Raya Police

PALANGKA RAYA - A joint team consisting of Palangka Raya Police personnel, the TNI, the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and so on carried out blackouts at a number of forest and land fires (Karhutla) in Palangkaraya.

Deputy Head of Palangka Raya Police AKBP Andiyatna said that the effort to extinguish the fire involved a joint team consisting of personnel from the Samapta Unit and the Palangka Raya Police Karhutla Task Force, the Head of Binmas Polsek Sabangau, Bhabinkamtibmas and Babinsa Kelurahan Kameloh Baru, Fire Care Community (MPA) Kameloh Baru Village, Menteng Village Fire Assault Team (TSAK), Sabaru MPA and Firefighters from PT. Palmindo Gemilang Kencana (PGK).

"Previously, the Bhabinkamtibmas of the Sabangau Police had conducted a Ground Check in the number Jalan Mahir Mahar Trans Kalimantan Km 23 entering the oil palm plantation PT. Palmindo Gemilang Kencana related to the information on Hot Spot from NASA-SNPP and the coordinates are in the area," he said.

He said, after a few hours we made efforts to extinguish the combined fire, restrictions on fire and cooling so that the fire does not spread to other lands, but the fire spreads again due to strong winds and lack of fire engines at the location so that until now the fire has not been extinguished.

"In my opinion, of course, it is necessary to add personnel from the Karhutla Task Force, both cities and provinces as well as extinguishing it, it would be better if by air (Water Bombing), while still coordinating with relevant agencies, both Local BPBD and groups or forest and land fires alert organizations, to take further action in the area," he said.

Meanwhile, members of Bhabinkamtibmas, Palangka Village and Petuk Katimpun, Jekan Raya District, together with a joint team, also worked hand in hand in extinguishing the forest and land fires that occurred in the local area.

Using the equipment that is available, the joint team continues to try to extinguish the flames that have eaten the shrubs in the local area.

Even the personnel in the field had experienced problems, namely the difficulty of getting water, due to the current dry season.

Not only extinguishing the fire, the local police also continue to carry out investigations to arrest the perpetrators of the land burners, which has resulted in Palangka Raya City being shrouded in thick smoke caused by the forest and land fires.

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