The Opening Of The XVI Farmers Penas In Padang Was Escorted By Hundreds Of Police
300 Padang City Police (ANTARA) personnel

JAKARTA - 300 personnel from the Padang City Police, West Sumatra (West Sumatra) have secured the opening of the XVI Fisherman's National Week (Penas) in Padang on Saturday, June 10.

"For today's security, we have deployed three hundred personnel who are a combination of Padang Police personnel and Sector Police," said Head of Operations Section of the Padang Police, Kompol Deni Ahmad Hamdani, quoted from ANTARA.

He said the focus of his party was to ensure that Penas Tani's opening activities were safe and conducive, namely at the Padang State University (UNP) campus and the Padang Air Base area.

"Traffic Unit personnel are also trying to maintain the smooth flow that is traversed by Penas Tani participants considering the high mobility, we are also engineering traffic," he explained.

He appealed to the community in the local city as the host to jointly maintain security and order for the success of the XVI Farmers Penas activities.

To note, Penas Tani's activities in Padang were attended directly by the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo, as well as 289 regional heads consisting of 29 governors and 260 regents or mayors.

In addition to regional heads, the farmers and fishermen who attended were confirmed to be around 25 thousand people from various provinces in Indonesia, including farmers and fishermen from West Sumatra.

"It's still beyond the estimated number of companions and officials of around five thousand people," said Chairman of the Hansastri Farmers Committee.

He said the preparation for the implementation had also been a maximum of up to 100 percent, starting from the main stage, the stands and stands of agricultural product exhibitions, to technology titles.

Hansastri said that West Sumatra's seriousness in the success of the Fisherman's Penas Tani is proof that West Sumatra is ready to host national and international level activities.

"We really hope that more national and international activities will be held in West Sumatra. We are ready from all things, including the availability of hotels and lodging," he said.

The 2023 Fisherman's Farmers Penas lasts for five days from 10 to 15 June 2023. Farmers and fishermen from West Sumatra are expected to maximize this momentum to increase insight and network in order to develop their business.

This includes millennial farmers who will spearhead the success of the future agricultural sector.

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