Kompolnas Calls Profession And Security Of Riau Police Immediately For Bripka Andry's Ethics Trial Which Was 'palak' Commissioner Petrus Hundreds Of Million

JAKARTA - The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) received information that Propam Riau immediately held a Police Code of Ethics Commission (KKEP) session regarding the viral case of Bripka Andry Darma Irawan's complaint which was transferred and gave deposits of hundreds of millions to his superiors.

"Propam will soon hold a KKEP trial for Bripka Andry who is suspected of violating the code of ethics by giving deposits to Danyon, even though he should have refused orders from his superiors that were against the law," said Kompolnas member Poengky Indarti as quoted by ANTARA, Wednesday, June 7.

The Bripka Andry case became a serious concern for Kompolnas by sending a clarification letter to the Riau Police. Currently, the letter is in the delivery stage.

However, continued Poengky, his party had communicated with the Riau Police regarding the case. From the explanation he obtained, the alleged deposit case to Bripka Andry's superior has been handled by the Riau Police Propam Division since March 2023.

"In addition, the person concerned (Bripka Andry) has also carried out a desertion," said Poengky. According to Poengky, the actions of Bripka Andry vented on social media as a wrong act, because Polri personnel have their own rules in conveying their actions.

Kompolnas considered the viral chaos to tarnish the name of the National Police institution. In fact, police personnel must be ready to be occupied anywhere throughout Indonesia. Bripka Andry's attitude vented because it was transferred as a form of disobedience.

In addition, the provision of deposits made by Bripka Andry to his superiors was referred to by Kompolnas as a form of unlawful act that Bripka Andry should have avoided, not even obeyed the order. Separately, the Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Inspector General Sandi Nugroho said the Riau Police Chief Inspector General Mohammad Iqbal would take firm action against anyone involved in the case of venting the Brimob members, including the case of the deposit of subordinates and superiors.

"The Riau Police Chief responded to the viral remarks of Brimob members who did not accept being transferred even though they often deposited them with their superiors. The Regional Police Chief confirmed that he would take firm action," said Sandi.

As previously reported, the Riau Police Propam is currently investigating the remarks of members of the Riau Police Mobile Brigade Bripka Andry on social media because they do not accept the transfer of demotion, including related to money deposits to their superiors.

Previously, social media was shocked by the story of a Brimob Riau Police personnel who claimed to have been transferred for no apparent reason.

In addition, a member of the police who claimed to be named Bripka Andry Wirawan and served in Battalion B Pioneer of the Riau Police Mobile Brigade Unit in Manggala Body Rokan Hilir (Rohil) was also asked to make money by his superior Kompol Petrus Hottiner Sima.

"I was transferred to a demonstration without any mistakes from Battalion B Pioneer to Battalion A Pioneer located in Pekanbaru," wrote the account andrydarmairawan07.2 giving a statement.

Commissioner Petrus Hottime Sima has also been removed from his position since March.

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