Allegations Of Ethical Violations Of Brigadier General Endar's Dismissal Just Wait For The Trial
Brigadier General Endar Priantoro/DOK PHOTO: Wardhany Tsa Tsia-VOI

JAKARTA - The Supervisory Board of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) stated that the request for clarification on alleged ethical violations related to the dismissal of Brigadier General Endar Priantoro as Director of Investigation has been completed. The information needed is deemed all pocketed.

"Until now (the request for clarification, ed) has been sufficient," said member of the KPK Council Albertina Ho to reporters, Monday, May 29.

Albertina said there were several more stages in handling Endar's report before going up to the ethics trial. One of them is compiling an official report related to the clarification efforts made.

"Still in the process of completing the clarification report," said Albertina.

Previously, the KPK Council had asked various parties regarding the reports submitted by Endar. Including, KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri and four of his representatives who had been asked about the dismissal.

Endar was honorably dismissed from the position of Director of Investigation on March 31 after he was returned to the National Police. However, the Bhayangkara Corps member was instead asked to return to the KPK according to the order of the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

As a result of this incident, he reported KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri and KPK Secretary General Cahya H. Harefa to the KPK Supervisory Board. In addition, Endar also reported other alleged violations such as leaking documents for investigating alleged corruption at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to forcing the manufacture of documents even though the title of the case or exposure had not been carried out.

Not only that, Endar also reported the leadership, Secretary General, and Head of the KPK HR Bureau to the Indonesian Ombudsman. He suspects that maladministration occurred when he was dismissed while the KPK Director of Investigation.

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