Ukraine Receives Challenger 2 Tanks Totangler, Defense Minister Reznikov: These Machines Immediately Start Their Combat Missions
West armored vehicle assistance for Ukraine. (Twitter/@DefenceU)

JAKARTA - Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov gave England a thumbs up when he boarded what he said was the first British Challenger 2 main battle tank to arrive in Ukraine, along with a number of armored vehicles from other countries.

In January, Britain said it would send the 14 tanks to Ukraine, which is preparing for a possible retaliatory attack on Russian troops that invaded 13 months ago.

Reznikov wrote on Twitter that the tanks "just arrived in our country", uploading a video showing himself sitting in one of the long lines of tanks on an open field, all waving Ukraine's yellow and blue flags.

"It's great to be able to try out the first Ukrainian MBT (main combat tanks) Challenger 2," Reznikov wrote.

"These fantastic machines will soon begin their combat missions," he continued.

In the video, he gave a thumbs up and thanked British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace for the tanks.

"It's amazing, Ben. It's a really good stuff. Thank you so much from Ukraine for the English," he said in English.

While in a separate post on Twitter, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense showcased a number of armored vehicles from the West, along with Challenger 2.

"They have arrived!oker dan Cougar dari Amerika Serikat, Challenger dari Inggris, Marder dari Jerman telah resmi bergabung dengan Pasukan Penyerang Ukraina. Kendaraan terbesar untuk prajuri terbaik. Maju terus!," cuit kementerian.

"Sent by Britain to defend Ukraine," British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tweeted, commenting on a tweet by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

As previously reported, Germany's Ministry of Defense said on Monday 18 Leopard 2 and 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles had also arrived in Ukraine.

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