During Ramadan, West Aceh Kodim Provides Free Iftar Food
Commander of Kodim 0105/West Aceh Lt. Col. Inf Muhammad Syafii Nasution handed over free iftar serving to orphans in the local macodim yard in Meulaboh, Saturday (25/3/2023). (Doc. ANTARA)

MEULABOH - During the holy month of Ramadan 1444 Hijri, Kodim 0105/West Aceh provides free food and drinks iftar for the poor and orphans.

"We package this free fasting package in the form of a boxed rice package and we distribute it to orphans, and the poor people we place in the makodic courtyard," said Dandim 0105/West Aceh Lt. Col. Inf Muhammad Syafii Nasution in Meulaboh, reported by ANTARA, Saturday, March 25.

He added that this iftar package is available every day during the holy month of Ramadan 1444 Hijri which starts from 17.00 WIB until the time before breaking the fast.

The purpose of this activity, he said, is to bring the relationship between Kodim 0105/West Aceh and the community and the inmates, thereby increasing the unity of the TNI and the people.

In addition, it is also an effort to invite members of the TNI and village development officers (babinsa) to interpret the holy month of Ramadan to be more concerned and empathetic towards others, especially orphans and the poor, including other marginals.

The holy month of Ramadan is full of grace and forgiveness. So, it is very appropriate to purify oneself from sustenance in order to get grace and forgiveness from Allah SWT," he said.

Through this momentum, he hopes to further strengthen the togetherness of the TNI in establishing friendship with the community.

"Hopefully this free fasting presentation will be useful and will give blessings to all of us. Our action also sends a message to everyone that sharing life will be beautiful, especially sharing with people who really need it," he concluded.

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