The UAE CONTINUES To Seek Russian-Ukraine Mediation
ILLUSTRATION/PHOTO via Instagram zelenskiy_official

JAKARTA - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is making mediation efforts between Moscow and Kiev to reduce tensions and strengthen global peace and security, a senior diplomat in Abu Dhabi told Sputnik.

"The mediation between Russia and Ukraine is a continuation of the UAE's efforts to strengthen the basis of global peace and security, reduce tensions and find a diplomatic settlement for the crisis," the diplomat said, quoted by Antara.

He revealed the UAE's move when commenting on the recent exchange of prisoners of war between Russia and Ukraine.

The mediation between Moscow and Kiev, he said, was sought based on an agreement reached by Russian President Vladimir Putin and UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in St. Petersburg in October last year.

On Saturday, February 4, Russia's Ministry of Defense said there were 63 Russian military members who had returned from the territory controlled by Ukraine as a result of the complicated negotiation process.

The Russian Ministry of Defense added that the exchange had been successfully carried out thanks to the efforts of the UAE mediation.

For months, the UAE has expressed a willingness to facilitate war prisoner swaps between the two countries. In October, a spokesman for the Russian presidency, Dmitry Peskov, said Moscow was interested in continuing Abu Dhabi's mediation efforts on the matter.

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