Makassar-Parepare Railway Construction Reconsulted
Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto/DOK Private Instagram

MAKASSAR - The Makassar City Government together with the South Sulawesi Railway Management Center (BPKA) held a public consultation on the plan to build the Makassar-Parepare railway line.

Makassar Mayor Moh Ramdhan Pomanto (Danny Pomanto) explained that the Makassar people had no objections to land acquisition.

"In Makassar, there are no residents who object to land acquisition, they all support the construction of the train," he said, quoted by Antara, Thursday, April 7.

At the coordination meeting in order to discuss the follow-up to the public consultation on the plan for the construction of the Makassar-Parepare railway line (Segment E), the mayor asked the authorities to explain to the public clearly regarding the development.

"Regarding land acquisition, actually there are no residents who object. It is a normal thing, it just needs to be explained in full, for example, this disconnection, even though it is not, so the solution is elevated," continued Danny Pomanto.

As an expert in spatial planning, Danny Pomanto is very aware of the difficulties felt by the people regarding the development, including knowing the area.

The Makassar City Government agrees and strongly supports the construction of a railroad line with a starting point in Makassar.

"We have agreed on a route route, it will not be possible to change the route again, if it is elevated, only 10 meters are needed. If it is not elevated, it is 50 meters. But if it is 50 meters it will overlap with an arterial road, colliding with the city layout. ," he explained.

Based on the agreement, Danny Pomanto will immediately meet directly with the Minister of Transportation to discuss the concept, whether to use elevated or not.

"Because this is the main task of the minister, I immediately went to the minister directly, we can't leave it blank either, one of the options is the City Government which prepares the 10-meter road," he continued.

Danny Pomanto said that currently the construction of a seven kilometer long railway line from Mandai, Maros to Newport Makassar this year will soon be realized.

"The faster the construction, the better because the budget is already there. If this year it reaches Mandai first, until next year, the head of the hall also asks the city government to directly design the LRT to enter the city. Monday, the design is complete. I'm trying to find a moment to meet the Minister," said he.

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