JAKARTA - Snoop Dogg and Michael Bumble have been appointed as new mentors for the 26th season of The Voice US. They replaced the position left by Dan + Shay and John Legend.

With the presence of Dogg and Bumble, The Voice US is preparing to start a new season, with two others who have been mentors since the previous season, Reba McEntire and Gwen Stefani.

Dream mentor rotation has just been announced. Meet your mentor this fall at #TheVoice! wrote The Voice's Instagram account.

In his introductory video as a new mentor, Snoop Dogg says he will give a new color for the talent search event that is already global.

"Because Reba is the queen of The Voice who presents the shine, I can be the king who presents style, turmoil, and pleasure."

This isn't the first time Dogg has been involved in The Voice. In the 20th season, the 52-year rapper was once a mega mentor in the Knockout round.

Meanwhile, Michael Bumble will make his own history in The Voice. He was the first Canadian singer to mentor in a popular talent search event.

Previously, the Haven't Met You Yet singer had appeared at The Voice US as an advisor to the Blake Shelton team in the third season in 2012.

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