JAKARTA - Kahitna launched a new single entitled Sejau Dua Dunia. This song is the first release after Carlo Saba's death on April 19, 2023.

Exactly a year after Carlo Saba's death, this group from Bandung released a single 'As Far as the Two Worlds' along with the music video. In fact, the late Carlo was present in the music video.

Meanwhile, As Far As Two Worlds is a single from Arsy Widianto who was performed in a duet with Brisia Jodie. This song was first introduced through the album Soulmate which was released in 2020.

In the version of Arsy Widianto and Brisia Jodie, As Far as the Two Worlds depicts two people who are in long-distance relationships.

However, in the latest version of Kahitna, this relationship is interpreted further. This song is interpreted as a friendship in a different world.

"No matter how far, even as far as the two worlds, Soulmate (as fans) is always in Kahitna's heart. Likewise with our dear friend, Carlo Saba," wrote Kahitna's official Instagram account, Friday, April 19.

Even though Carlo Saba has been gone for a year, for Kahitna, his enthusiasm always accompanies the musical journey of the existing personnel.

"Even though it's far up there, the spirit continues to sing" and accompanies every step of ours. We all miss you, Carlo!

For information, Kahitna, who was left by Carlo Saba last year, did not decide to find a replacement. Currently, the group that was formed since 1983 consists of Hedi Yunus (vocals), Mario Ginanjar (vocals), Yovie Widianto (keyboards), Dody Is (bass), Budiana (drums), Andrie (guitar), Bambang Purwono (keyboards), and Harry SW (percussion).

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