Tiara Andini Buai Listens To Nuance Pop Dance On The Song 'Kupu-Kupu'
Tiara Andini (Photo: Instagram @tiaraandini)

JAKARTA - Tiara Andini is pampering her fans with several projects. Shortly after being involved in musical works with Arsy Widianto, Tiara has released a new single entitled 'Kupu-Kupu'.

The song this time is different from the previous song which presented K-Pop beat and music. Through 'Kupu-Kupu', Tiara Andini provides interesting exploration with the feel of pop music in the 80s.

Laleilmanino is again trusted to work on Tiara Andini's work. In this song they act as songwriters as well as music producers.

"When I first heard this song I immediately fell in love, because the notes were very comfortable to hear, and the song was also very catchy, especially this was created by Laleilmanino, very happy to work with them," said Tiara.

The lyric theme in the song 'Kupu-Kupu' tells the story of two people who both like each other, but do not dare to convey the feelings of love.

"You know, when you like it, you're usually afraid to express your feelings. Well, this happens in both of them, even though you like each other. It's more or less like that about the song," said Tiara.

Meanwhile, from the sound department, as mentioned above, this song presents a very fun, cheerful, and fun pop dance feel. The notes shown are also very danceable.

The release of Kupu-Kupu' is highly anticipated by Mootiara, a greeting for Tiara fans. Since before its release, Tiara has given many butterfly-themed hints that make fans curious.

Starting from replacing the eleventh Spotify Canvas single with a butterfly theme, to sending butterfly messages to fans on Instagram. This of course makes Mootiara very excited, considering Tiara Andini really likes to provide clues or hints about her works.

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