Viral Video When Music Shows Its Romantic Side
A viral video of a man singing (Instagram @jakarta.hard)

JAKARTA - Music does have its own magical power when it comes to romantic things. Music is often a tool for two humans who listen to each other.

At least this can be seen in the video uploaded to the @jakarta.hard Instagram account that went viral.

You can see a pair of men and women who are old enough to enjoy their activities at home. The woman in the video is seen cooking something. Meanwhile, the man casually accompanied him singing and playing the guitar.

"Definition for life with the right person," wrote the account @jakarta.hard on the upload description, seen Wednesday, December 6.

"It's simple, but not everyone can," he continued.

The man in the video sings the chorus of the song Antara Hate and Miss which Ratih Purwasih popularized. The woman is not bothered at all. While enjoying the song, he cooks as usual.

This moment made many netizens feel carried away. In the midst of simplicity, the presence of music makes the two seem harmonious and happy.

"Cowo can play guitar, there is no cure," wrote the netizen.

"Husbands watch live cooking, wife watches live music," said another netizen.

"Together menua in the beauty of simplicity," wrote another netizen.

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