Alex Skolnick: Pop Music Is More Dangerous Than Guitar Music When Associated With AI
Alex Skolnick (Instagram @testamentofficial / @arturtarczewskiphoto)

JAKARTA - In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick discussed the debate about the people who made music using AI (artificial intelligence).

"It is a very new technology, and it remains to be seen how it affects music and the music industry as a whole," said Alex.

"It's a bit scary, but as someone who does a lot of improvising music, even though I'm famous for my work playing heavy metal, I know improvising music is very difficult to emulate," continued the guitarist.

"I can't imagine AI doing what we do as live musicians, playing with each other and giving human touch to music. I can understand it with other music."

"I'm not sure this will work for heavy metal. I'll imagine some types of heavy metal... I'm sure AI can make riffs, produce something that sounds like Judas Priest or anything, but I don't know how convincing it is."

"I know this can be applied to some of the latest pop music like Drake and The Weeknd, but the music was originally quite mechanical. So, for me, it sounds like it was a machine that created it. "So I think music like that (pop) is much more dangerous than guitar music (when it comes to AI), at least for now."

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