The Volvo announced that it will bring EX30 produced in China at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Beijing Auto Show) 2024 which will be held on April 25 tomorrow.

According to CarNewsChina, Wednesday, April 24, this car is the smallest SUV ever presented by this Swedish brand. Built on the SEA architecture developed by its parent company Geely, this car has a futuristic design accompanied by advanced features.

This SUV continues the 'SkandINAvia' style typical of Volvo with the front highlighting modern T-shaped lights. The front Grill is neatly closed by displaying the iconic manufacturer logo.

The car has smooth body curves with pillars A, B, and C designed to smoke black. Equipped with large low-drag wheels and side skirts with decorative strips, EX30 has a hidden door handle.

Posited as the smallest SUV compared to other models, EX30 has a length of 4,233 mm, a width of 1,838 mm, a height of 1,555 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,650 mm.

On the inside, the interior is decorated by a 12.3-inch central screen that can regulate various functions. Furthermore, the infotainment system has been integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The steering wheel has a pattern of three multifunctional bars with a touch of sensitive control, replacing conventional buttons. The dashboard is equipped with an audio system Harman Kardon 1.2 m which offers impressive sound.

The interior design EX30 follows the centralized principle of maximizing the use of space in its concise dimension. The central console has a cup or telephone seat that can be shifted and withdrawn, providing storage space for front and rear passengers.

Volvo also highlighted safety and convenience at EX30, by giving it the ADAS L2+ feature such as Pilot Assist and Parking Assistance.

As registered on the domestic list, the crossover will be offered with two powertrain options, namely 115 kW and 200 kW. This car will be available in two 49 kWh and 66 kWh battery pack options that provide three different ranges, 410 km, 540 km, and 590 km.

However, Volvo also offers a performance version with a four-wheeled electric double motorbike that gives 315 kW of power and runs from 0 to 100 km/hour within 3.6 seconds.

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