President Suharto's Beginning Was Considered Harassing Pancasila In Today's History, March 27, 1980
President Suharto shook hands with high-ranking military and police officers of the Republic of Indonesia. (Perspusnas)

JAKARTA History today, 43 years ago, March 27, 1980, President Suharto is considered by all Indonesian people to have misused Pancasila to repulse political opponents. Everything started with Suharto's speech at the ABRI Leadership Meeting in Pekanbaru, Riau.

Suharto asked ABRI to be aware of groups who do not believe in Pancasila. Their movement must be hampered. The narrative then developed by stating that all attacks on the government were the same as attacks on Pancasila.

Suharto and the military are two things that cannot be separated. The two of them can unite and fill each other. Especially when Suharto became Indonesia's number one person. He was able to lead the New Order (Orba) era with confidence.

This confidence arose because the military became the most loyal instrument of the New Order. Suharto often uses the military every time there is a turmoil in society. Even though the actions taken by the military actually made people's trust in the New Order fall at its lowest point.

This condition made all of them have the guts to criticize the New Order government. Anyone who criticizes will be immediately secured by the New Order. Whether officials or students.

Everything will be dealt with firmly by the New Order which is anti-criticism. Officials can be exiled, while students may be languishing in prison for a long time. Exist or without trial.

The terror test using the military lasted a very long time. There are no success. Everything is subject to the New Order.

Suharto is too strong, and we are just a group of activists with limited range. Outside of various pro-democracy movements moving, secretly or openly, and we support each other, but there is no front of unity for resistance.

"The rest areERN. Suharto managed to beat Indonesia in an ethical way to spread fear, the regime has a very sufficient terror capital, after in 1965-66 tens of thousands of people were killed, imprisoned, and dumped. In that situation, forming cooperation with other groups in the pro-democracy movement needs to be preceded by breaking the terror. By trying out the courage, "explained Goenawan Mohamad in his writing in Tempo Magazine entitled Herman (2009).

Over time, Suharto and the New Order were no longer arbitrary in repelling political opponents with barbaric steps. The Smiling General needed strong reasons. Finally, the New Order chose to abuse Pancasila for this evil intent.

The narrative was conveyed by Suharto when delivering an additional mandate at the ABRI Leadership Meeting in Pekanbaru on March 27, 1980. Suharto said that many groups did not want Pancasila to become Indonesian living philosophy. He appealed to ABRI to be aware of the group.

The people also considered Suharto to have abused Pancasila. The assessment proved to be correct. This is because the New Order recently mentioned all kinds of attacks against him, meaning to attack Pancasila.Obstitutes Ali Sadikin, AH Nasution, Hoegeng Imam Santoso - was furious. They also criticized the president who wanted to repulse his political opponents with the Petition 50 movement.

On March 27, 1980, the president conveyed an additional mandate at the opening of the ABRI Leadership Meeting in Pekanbaru, Riau. In his mandate, the president mentioned the process of drafting the Political Party and Labor Group Bill. According to the president, this law still includes the main principle and principle of characteristics.

The law shows that there are still political parties that do not fully believe in Pancasila as ideology. This is proof that they are still hesitant about Pancasila. The president then invited ABRI to be careful in choosing friends because it was proven that there were still groups who did not fully believe in Pancasila," explained M. Natsir as written by Thohir Luth in the bookM. Natsir, Da'wah, and His Thoughts (1999).

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