YOGYAKARTA There is no definite answer that can explain how much time is ideal for making love for married couples, both in terms of intensity and duration. The answer depends on many things, such as age or health conditions.

What needs to be known is that sexual relations for couples have many benefits, one of which is to make marriage relationships more romantic. In addition, there are many reasons why sex is important in marriage. Then how long and how much is the intensity of sex for couples?

Reporting from Medical News Today, the International Society for Sexual Medicine explains that there is no normal frequency in sexual intercourse to achieve happy relationships. How often couples make love depends on many things.

However, there is no limit on the number of sexual activities that must be carried out by partners. Although, the study shows that sexual intercourse once a week is often associated with greater satisfaction with relationships, there has been no study saying that sex is increasingly increasing satisfaction with relationships as well.

Among the therapists, reported by Health Line, it is explained that the average sexual relationship committed by partners ranges from once a week to once a month. However, a person's sexual life is influenced by various factors such as lifestyle, age, health, and libido of their partners, as well as the quality of their relationship, and many other factors.

David Schnarch, PhD, also said the same thing through research on 20,000 couples. In research he found that only 26 percent of couples have sex once a week. That way he did not hesitate to answer that couples are advised to make love at least once a week.

David Schnarch also thinks that the lack of intensity of sexual intercourse does not mean that there are problems in marriage even though these desires are a form of love for each other. Lack of love will not make a relationship run aground, but that condition needs to be overcome.

Ian Kerner, PhD also said the same thing. According to him, sex doesn't seem to be a priority for married couples, at least that's what happened in America. But according to his experience, when there is no sexual activity in marriage, relationships become more vulnerable to negative emotions such as anger, infidelity, and have the potential for divorce.

I believe that sex is important: This is the glue that brings us together and, without it, a partner will be a 'good friend', or at worst a'storymate who fights,' Ian Kerner thinks.

In order to have a more quality relationship, try to schedule sexual intercourse. In addition, try to hug each day, or do sports so that testosterone levels increase. It is also recommended to turn off disturbances such as TV or computers so that intimacy can be established. If it is still difficult to do, immediately visit the therapist to help with these problems.

It is recommended to find out the secret of prolonged sexual satisfaction in marriage so that it remains harmonious.

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