6 Benefits Of Reading Fairy Tales To Children
Illustration of reading a fairy tale (Unsplash / Picsea)

JAKARTA - Reading fairy tales has become a habit for parents to their children since ancient times. There are various variants of known fairy tales, ranging from stories in wayang, regional stories, fables to other imaginative stories.

Reading fairy tales to children has many benefits. As can improve cognitive and psychological skills of children. For parents who don't know the benefits of reading fairy tales, here is a list of the benefits.

Increase imagination

Every fairy tale has the power of a story. There are fairy tales that tell of a beautiful place and funny characters that children never meet in the real world. Various backgrounds in fairy tales can foster the ability to visualize children's imaginations.

Things that children have never encountered through fairy tales can be digested, educated, and hone their imagination.

Enriches vocabulary

Based on research published in Researchgate, children's understanding when listening to and reading stories will improve. After reading a fairy tale, the child can retell it according to their understanding. On the positive side, children can understand the complexity of language.

Improve focus

Listening to bedtime stories can psychologically build a comfortable atmosphere. Fairy tales that are read and listened to can increase children's focus. All parts of the brain work when children listen to stories, meaning the cortex will work better.

Sharpen your analytical power

When listening to fairy tales in children, the power of thought will be triggered. Many strange things, according to him, make you curious. Until finally he wanted to know many things or events in the fairy tale that were discussed in detail.

By asking questions based on their knowledge and analyzing them according to the storyline, it can be a way to support the development of their thinking power. Children not only absorb information just like that, but also dig deeper.

cerita dongeng untuk anak sebelum tidur
Illustration of a child reading a book (Unsplash / Annie Spratt)
Increase empathy

In fairy tales, there is narration and interaction. Each character in a fairy tale has their own character and identity. By reading fairy tales, children can understand others through certain depictions in the story.

Apart from understanding other people, fairy tales are also a medium to broaden cultural insights. For example, fairy tales from Ireland or other cultures that show different cultures can enrich children's knowledge.

Absorb positive values

When what is told is a fairy tale containing the values of life, children will more easily absorb and implement these values in their future lives.

For example, a fable, Kancil and Keong, is told. The mouse deer has an arrogant nature because it can run fast to beat the walking speed of the conch. Well, from the arrogance of the hare and the silent yet clever nature of the conch, children can sort out the values in it.

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