Types Of Bags According To Their Functions Considering Styles According To The Likes
Bag illustration (Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA The bag does not only function as a carrier of goods, but also as a complement to fashion. Currently, there are various types of bags according to their function and even shape. In order not to make the wrong choice and still suitable for clothing, it is recommended to know the current type of bag based on its function.

Along with the development of world lifestyle and fashion, many manufacturers have created bag models according to their functions. The various bags are as follows.

Backpacks are usually used to carry items with medium sizes such as laptops, books, or other smaller items. This bag model is brought on the back so that it is more comfortable to use. Backpacks are often worn at semi-formal events to non-formal events such as during picnics.

This bag is planned in two ways, which is attached to the shoulder or circled around the waist. The waist bag serves to carry wallets, cellphones, or other small knick-knacks. This type of bag is used at casual, party, and non-formal events.

This bag looks like an envelope, it looks flat so that the items included cannot be too much. This bag is usually used to carry documents or books. Envelope bags are suitable for use in formal events.

This type of bag is often worn by women because it is unique, funny, but can accommodate the needs of women such as makeup, small glass, and so on. This bag is carried on the shoulder, suitable for use at non-formal events.

This bag is often called a mini backpack, but the shape is different. This type of bag is usually worn by men at sporting events or non-formal to carry cellphones to wallets.

This bag has a size that is quite large and can fit some items such as laptops, clothes, documents, and even fits for shoes. Messenger bags are usually worn at semi-formal events.

Shoulder bag is placed on the shoulder. Usually, this type of bag user is a woman. The size is small but quite decorative. This bag can be used at formal events depending on its shape.

This bag is often worn at luxury parties because its shape and color are usually elegant. This bag is made of rigid ingredients, usually the color is thick black accompanied by sparkling knick-knacks. This type of bag is suitable for a party dress.

This bag resembles a backpack but looks like a bucket bag. Usually made of canvases and suitable for use during picnics or relaxing.

Unlike other bags, this bag actually resembles a wallet because the way to carry it is only gossiped. This type of bag can only be used to carry small items such as cell phones, car keys, or lipstick. Suitable for use in formal events in dress clothes.

This type of bag is quite widely used by the public. The shape is simple, the material is made of canvases and can be used enough to carry several items such as books, wallets, but not suitable for carrying laptops considering the tips.

The Sling bag has a large bag, but a small rope (sling). Usually the sling bag is used to carry items such as cellphones, car keys, stationery, and so on. This type of bag is usually worn by women at semi-formal to non-formal events.

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