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Varuna Show (ist)

JAKARTA - The development of tourism in Bali continues to move. Innovation is also carried out to make visitors to the Island of the Gods not bored. The combination of creativity and natural beauty is the main target as was done by the Bali Safari Park.

On December 20, Bali Safari Park will make Varuna's debut, Indonesia's first underwater theatrical show. Spectators can enjoy the show by eating the prepared dishes.

With the ideal location at Bali Safari Park, this spectacular experience is equipped with multimedia technology and beautiful stage performances. Varuna is a start to the opening of the Bali Safari Marine in 2024.

In Varuna, guests are invited to experience a sensory wandering, with three delicious dishes as well as a stunning show. Varuna's narrative is beautifully described through a charming blending between animated pieces of paper, pedalangan and a captivating performances. The stage comes to life with players wearing costume vibrants, reflecting the beauty and mystical side of the ocean.

Each scene tells the story of Varuna, a young hero in her epic odyssey. Under the guidance of world-renowned Technical Advisor Peter Wilson, thisANG performance invites the audience to join the young protagonist, when he finds his royal descendants and exerts his inner strength to face unexpected forces.

Varuna is an important milestone in the growth of Bali Safari Park. This visionary concept has been worked on for more than a decade, and is a new breakthrough in the world of Bali entertainment and gastronomi. As a place that presents the experience of dining with Indonesia's first underwater theatrical performance, Varuna takes guests to a magical world where gastronomi meets stage art and an amazing visual atmosphere.

Varunas also show a strong dedication to environmental sustainability and protection of marine life, trying to ensure that operations remain in line with nature.

"We are very happy to finally be able to announce the opening of Varuna, the experience of dining with the first underwater theater appearance in Indonesia in December," said Marcel Driessen, General Manager of Taman Safari Bali in a virtual press conference, Friday, November 24.

"We are fortunate to be collaborating with individuals who have been recognized globally and known for their privilege. Their talents and artistic contributions to Varuna have really made it a world-class spectacle that will leave a deep impression. This is truly a breakthrough moment for Taman Safari Bali, and we can't wait to show it," added Marcel.

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