Ohm Tuawat And Tay Tawang Will Be Present At GMMTV FANDAY 5 Indonesia
Ohm Pawat - Tay Tawan (Lumina/GMMTV)

JAKARTA - Two actors from Thailand, Ohm Pawat and Tay Tawan will visit Indonesia at the GMMTV FANDAY 5 in Indonesia. This is their first visit to Jakarta after holding fan meetings in Japan and South Korea.

Lumina Entertainment as the promoter announced that the two actors under the auspices of GMM will be present on July 1, 2023 at Studio 1 Epicentrum XXI, Jakarta. Fanmeeting will be held in two sessions, namely Ohm Praawat at 14.30 WIB and Tay Tawan at 19.00 WIB.

The two of them have visited Jakarta for the first time, but for the first time they will hold a fan meeting and greet fans who take part in their careers. In addition, they are the latest Thai actors to hold fan meeting in Indonesia.

On the same day, the promoter announced three ticket categories for GMMTV FANDAY 5 in Indonesia, namely Retro for IDR 750,000, Centrum for IDR 1,500,000, and Lumos for IDR 2,400,000.

Lumos and Centrum ticket holders will have the opportunity to take group photos, signed posters, and official postcards and posters. For 20 Retro ticket holders, they will be drawn to get group photo benefits with the two actors.

Ohm Pawat, who started his career in 2016, starred in various series and film titles. This year, he played Our Skyy 2 and the film My Precious. He also just finished filming for Double Savage.

Tay Tawan, who had a career in 2014, actively starred in various serial titles. This year he acted in the lakorn Midnight Museum, Tanman, and Cherry Magic.

GMMTV FANDAY 5 in Indonesia tickets will be available starting June 5, 2023 and can be purchased through the official Tiket.com website at 14.00 WIB.

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