This Is A Series Of Horror Films Starring Almahrum Farida Pasha
Almahrum Farida Pasha (Instagram @ifyalyssa)

JAKARTA - The legendary Indonesian actress Farida Pasha breathed her last on Saturday, January 16 yesterday. This news certainly leaves sadness for fans to Farida's colleagues in the world of entertainment and Indonesian acting.

During her lifetime, the actress who was born in Tasikmalaya, August 21, 1952, was famous for her horror or mystical films. The 90s generation certainly remembers the 'successful' film Mystery of Mount Merapi which made children cower in fear.

Besides the Mystery of Mount Merapi, Farida has also starred in several horror films. The following is a list of films summarized by VOI's editorial staff.

Mama Request Credit (2012)

In the film, which is produced by Movie Eight, Almahrum is again playing the role of an attachment. He will terrorize each of his victims if the pulse request is not followed. "I believe" that you will take the victim's life.

This film was released on June 21, 2012 and stars Kartika Putri, Rizky Mocil, Shinta Bachir to Nikita Mirzani.

Gondoruwo (1981)

Directed by Ratno Timoer and starring Farida Pasha. This film received a nomination for best female supporting actor, Rina Hasyim at the Indonesian Film Festival in 1981.

In this film, Farida plays the wife of Gunawan. She is a woman who likes to cheat, even though she already has two children (Lina Noor and Faradilla Sandy). Gendruwo's terror always haunts the house because it keeps treasure.

Guna-Guna Young Wife (1977)

Kali Farida plays Sandra, Arifin's young wife, starring Aedy Moward. The dispute between Sandra and Tati, starring Rina Hasyim as Arifin's old wife, was inevitable.

The struggle for property, witchcraft, infidelity and a war between shamans are exciting stories in this film.

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