Tips For Iftar On The Road During Long Travel Homecoming
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YOGYAKARTA - Eid homecoming is usually busy one week before Eid al-Fitr. There are several things that need to be prepared and considered during homecoming, considering that you have to travel far in the fasting month. One of them is breaking the fast on the road during homecoming.

Homecoming is a fun journey as well as a tiring for those who travel long distances. Especially if you have to face traffic jams. In addition to having to be strong enough to hold fast, there is a distinct excitement when breaking the fast on the homecoming trip.

Breaking the fast during homecoming certainly provides an experience in itself because breaking the fast is usually done at home. You have to be prepared to break the fast in the midst of traffic jams or find a place to eat in another city. So what needs to be prepared to break the fast during your homecoming trip?

Homecoming far to your hometown is a fairly tiring journey, let alone doing it while fasting. Therefore, travelers must prepare everything well. One of them should not be disturbed by your breaking the fast. Here are a number of things that need to be prepared to open on the road during homecoming.

Preparations that should not be missed during homecoming are carrying food and drinks from home. This mixture will later become food for breaking the fast on the road during homecoming. There is no need to bother with heavy food. Just bring simple or practical foods, such as snacks, bread, dates, and mineral water.

When azan Maghrib reverberates, you can immediately eat the provisions to break the fast. So you don't have to rush to find a place to eat while on the road. Bringing supplies is also the best solution when you have to get stuck in traffic during homecoming.

Another tip that you can do during your homecoming trip is to find the nearest mosque when the time is about to open. Ahead of the Maghrib call to prayer, you can pull over for a while at the nearest mosque to break the fast while performing Maghrib prayers.

Currently looking for the location of the nearest mosque during the trip is very easy. You can take advantage of Google Maps to see where the closest mosque you will pass. Usually also in the month of Ramadan, mosques will provide free takjil. You can break the fast with the takjil provided by the mosque committee.

Another way you can do to break the fast on the road during homecoming is to stop by looking for takjil. When you open, you can pull over for a while to buy snacks and drinks. In the month of Ramadan, there are usually many food sellers who open stalls on the side of the road. So you will have no trouble finding food to open on your homecoming trip.

To prepare for breaking the fast on the homecoming trip, you can stop for a while at the rest area. You can find rest areas on toll roads or on public roads. When it comes to Maghrib time, you can stop for a while to break the fast. Usually in rest areas there are also restaurants or places to eat.

If you don't bring supplies and don't meet a rest area, you can stop in a comfortable and safe place. You can stop at minimarkets, gas stations, shopping grounds, or restaurants to break the fast. Make sure you are looking for a safe place to pull over so as not to interfere with road traffic.

Those are some tips for breaking the fast on the road during homecoming. Don't forget to estimate your travel time so that you can get ready when the time of breaking the fast will arrive. Apply a number of tips above so that your homecoming trip when fasting can run smoothly and comfortably.

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