How To Take Care Of Ornamental Plants So That They Do Not Wither Easily
Ornamental Plants (Brina Brum / Unsplash)

JAKARTA - The presence of green plants in the room certainly not only creates a more beautiful and shady atmosphere, but also creates better indoor air quality.

So that plants can perform their functions optimally, you must often do some simple maintenance. Here are tips and how to care for ornamental plants to keep them fresh:

Pick or cut

In order for the plant to always look beautiful and beautiful to look at, the parts of the plant that are wilted, discolored, or dry must be trimmed. Picking or cutting is the right way to do it.

With this treatment, you can also save other plant parts that are still good from getting infected with the sick.

Flush according to a dose

Different plants, different types of treatment. It is better not to give water too often to plants that are often placed indoors because it can cause root rot. It's best to just give it moisture until the water leaks out of the pot's drainage holes.

For cocedama plants that are trending, do watering using a tool that has a nozzle long enough to focus water out of one hole. The water should continue to flow until it appears to soak onto the surface of the ball.

Wiping the leaves

Beautiful leaves are often the main attraction of ornamental plants. To keep the appearance of the leaves charming, fresh, and not wilted, you can clean the leaves by wiping them. Wiping the leaves also aims to clean the dust on the leaf surface.

Gives vitamins

Just like humans, plants also need vitamin intake. Important ingredients such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen are useful for the growth of roots, stems and leaves.

Type of container for vines

Vines or dangle plants have a great flexibility to put anywhere. You can place it in a vertical space using a wire net.

Even with more creativity, the charm of this simple plant will be even more attractive by hanging. No need for clumps, even putting it in a minimalist manner reveals its understated beauty.

Shelf for displaying pots at home

A person's love for ornamental plants often leads the perpetrators to become collectors. If you have reached this stage, then consider buying a shelf to place a collection of plant pots. To make it more aesthetic, you can buy a pot that has a similar design.

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