Lee Joon Hyuk Becomes The Main Character Through The Spin-off Drama Secret Forest
Lee Joon Hyuk (Instagram @leejunhyuk05)

JAKARTA - The Korean drama Secret Forest presents a spin-off story that Lee Joon Hyuk will play. It is known that the actor plays Seo Dong Jae, a corrupt prosecutor who creates tensions at the prosecutor's office.

After two seasons of Secret Forest, tvN announced that the spin-off drama would be named Good or Bad Dong Jae.

"Writer Lee Soo Yeon, who wrote Secret Forest will participate as a creator for Good or Bad Dong Jae," tvN said today, Friday, February 10, launching SportsDongA.

As the main character, actor Lee Joon Hyuk has become a cast and his performance has been confirmed. The broadcast platform has not been determined," he said again.

Secret Forest premiered in 2017. This drama tells the story of a prosecutor who has no feelings named Hwang Si Mok (Cho Seung Woo) and a policeman named Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doona). The two of them worked together to solve corruption cases and smiling problems.

In 2020, the two were reunited through Secret Forest 2 with different conflicts. Both are on the side of the prosecutor and the police who also hold a number of mysteries and hidden relationships.

Lee Joon Hyuk appeared in two seasons as Seo Dong Jae, a corruption prosecutor and an office with Hwang Si Mok. The actor received a positive response because of his acting through a successful drama.

The production team said this spin-off drama would tell the journey of Seo Dong Jae to become a prosecutor. In addition, this spin-off can also be a key for Secret Forest 3 in the future.

On the other hand, Good or Bad Dong Jae became Lee Joon Hyuk's second drama this year after Vi

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