K-pop Groups That Debut And Are Popular In 2020
Aespa (Twitter @aespa_official)

JAKARTA - K-pop is increasingly showing its fangs in the world music scene. The achievement of BTS and BLACKPINK which penetrated the Grammy and Coachella stage, K-pop groups have more potential to be known.

This year, many K-pop groups have made their debut. However, that doesn't mean they can't be optimal. All preparations are made. The challenges that confronted them also did not weaken their enthusiasm for work. For that, VOI chose five K-pop groups who are successful in their debut in 2020. Who are they? Here's the list.


The newest girl group from SM Entertainment is much anticipated by K-pop fans. Combining a virtual concept with the real world, this four-member aespa enchants listeners with the song Black Mamba. The result? The music video for this song is viewed 89 million times a month, the nickname Best Rookie from Billboard Korea, and has topped the Billboard rankings for three consecutive weeks.


The newest group from Starship has several members who are alumni of Produce X 101. Debuting with the song BREAK ALL THE RULES in April, Cravity won 13 million views, a satisfactory number for a rookie group. Their debut album also sold more than 100 thousand copies. Cravity has already won the New Artist Award at Soribada and the first win for the song Flame.

Besides that, in less than a year of his career, CRAVITY was chosen to be the model for the cosmetic brand BLACKROUGE and the K-pop ambassador Star Street in the city of Gwangju to promote tourism.


The winning group I-LAND competition, ENHYPEN is one of the shining stars of 2020. Under the agency Big Hit Entertainment, fans believe ENHYPEN can follow in the footsteps of BTS's success.

Given-Taken, ENHYPEN's debut song which was released last November, was watched 23 million times. In addition, their debut album, Border: Day One, was ordered 300 thousand copies before its release.


StayC stands for Star To A Young Culture, with the hope that they can dominate pop culture. It seems that hope has been achieved. Their debut song, So Bad received positive responses from critics. Ten thousand copies of the album were sold in the first week.

Their visuals are called complete packages by netizens. One of the StayC members, Sieun is known to have been known as an actress through Korean dramas and films such as Still 17, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, and Golden Slumber.


Since the beginning of the year, YG Entertainment has teased fans with a number of cover videos and songs released by Treasure. Ahead of his debut, Ye-dam released a solo song titled WAYO written by WINNER's Seungyoon and AKMU's Chanhyuk.

This year they released three main songs, BOY, I Love You, and Mmm. All of Treasure's songs are ranked by South Korean and international music and watched more than tens of millions of times. In total, 710 thousand copies have been sold for these three single albums. Treasure also won Rookie of the Year from the 2020 Asia Artist Awards.

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