YOGYAKARTA - Blue moon or blue moon is one of the unique celestial phenomena and attracts the attention of many people. The phenomenon of blue moon is highly anticipated by people because it presents the appearance of a beautiful moon. Another interesting fact, the blue moon is also associated with mystical things.

The phenomenon of blue moon in Indonesia is not too horrendous. Meanwhile, in Europe or western countries, the blue moon is believed to be a phenomenon that offers myths and a mysterious side. But scientifically, blue moon is a rare astronomical phenomenon that has a period of emergence.

What's a Blue Moon?

Blue moon is a celestial phenomenon that involves the emergence of additional full moons in a certain period. Blue moon can occur if the full moon appears around the beginning of AD.

Earth experiences 12 full moons every year. But at a certain time, there is an extra full moon due to the inconsistency between the rotation of the Moon and Earth. The Earth rotates 30 days (except February), while the moon rotates 29 days. This condition makes the full moon present twice a month. Based on the calculation, the blue moon occurs every 2.7 years.

Even though it is called a blue moon, this phenomenon does not really show a blue moon. In some countries, this phenomenon is also named by other names such as the Green Corn Moon, Black Cherry Moon, Flying Up Moon. In general, there are two definitions of the blue moon phenomenon, namely the seasonal blue moon and the monthly blue moon.

Seasonal Blue Moon

The seasonal blue moon is the third Full Moon of one of the astronomical seasons in which there are four Full Moons.

Monthly Blue Moon

The monthly blue moon is the second Full Moon of one of the foreigners in the BC calendar in which there are two Full Moons.

Myth Blue Moon

In some countries, the blue moon is believed to be an unusual celestial phenomenon. Blue moon is often associated with the time of strange and tahaul events. Here are some myths about the blue moon.

In European countries in the past, the blue moon phenomenon is believed to be the time for wolves to emerge. Many myth stories are also raised into films where humans can turn into wolves during the full moon.

Devil's Attack

Europeans used to believe that the blue moon was the time when demons or demons attacked. The phenomenon of blue moon is often associated with people who experience seizures suddenly during the full moon.

However, this belief was broken by research conducted by experts. Research from the Journal of Epilepsy & Behavior in 2004 states that the incidence of seizures is a sign of epilepsy. The study found no link between epilepsy and the full moon.

Dogs Become Rice

Another myth of blue moon that is believed to be dogs is wild. A data from a medical journal in the UK in 2001 states that the number of animal bites in doctors has doubled during the full moon.

However, the statement was researched by Australia which stated that the number of animal bites (especially dogs) is relatively the same every night even though it is not on the full moon.

Animals Are Sick

Another myth of the blue moon is the time when animals are sick. A study says there is an increase in the number of animal patients, namely 23 percent in cats and 28 percent in dogs. At first this condition was associated with a blue moon.

But the myth was denied by the University of Colorado scientists. The increase in sick and injured animals during the full moon is said to be the fault of the owner. Animal owners take their pets out of the house during the bright moon. These activities make animals have a higher risk of accidents.

That is the explanation of the blue moon phenomenon. The blue moon is actually an ordinary Full Moon phenomenon that occurs within a certain period of time. The myths about the blue moon are just beliefs from the old people that cannot be scientifically proven true.

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