Playing The First Film For The Love In Game, Livy Renata Live Enjoy
LIvy Renata

JAKARTA - Livy Renata made her acting debut in the film Love in Game. For Livy Renata, Livy's role in the film directed by director Rendy Herpy is like her daily story.

Livy in the film Love in Game is also told as a gamer, like the true story of Livy Renata. The film Love in Game tells the closeness of Livy and Prince like the adorable couple Tom and Jerry.

Livy is told as an 'crazy' student playing games, while Prince is a friend of the Livy campus who is often late for college with Livy.

Prince is known to be a popular boy because his handsome face looks like a Korean actor on campus. Even though Prince is the target of many girls on campus, Livy is still not far away.

"Livy just wants to describe that love grows not only from physical, but also how comfort and good communication are built in a relationship," said Rendy Herpy.

Not only bringing a love story, the film Love in Game also presents entertaining images by showing virtual reality in the Livy and Prince scenes while playing games.

"The in-game scene requires some special treatment and effort, which takes a long time," said Rendy Herpy.

"I was not too difficult while playing the role of Livy in this film Love in Game, because it is similar to life I," said Livy Renata in a release, Friday, September 23.

Livy Renata is known to often refer to herself as I and the word 'wooyy'. Often, Livy Renata speaks by mixing Indonesian in English.

There is one scene that makes Livy Renata challenged while playing the role of Livy in the film Love in Game. "There is a scene that according to I is a little difficult, especially when you have to go into the pool to swim," said Livy Renata.

The director just wanted to take one shot and didn't want to repeat it during filming so it had to be really good.

"All players, including I, have pressure from the director, because if the scene fails, you have to take again, our clothes, our hair, our make up, it has to be repeated," said Livy Renata.

Although not easy, Livy Renata can do the scene of swimming into the pool. "We did it well, one take," said Livy Renata. The film Love in Game premiered on the MAXstream platform, last September 21.

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