So The Name Of The Airport, Ibnu Jamil Wants The Younger Generation To Know Who Halim Perdanakusuma Is
Ibnu Jamil (Foto: IG @ibnujamilo)

JAKARTA - Ibnu Jamil is one of the actors who played a role in the film Cadet 1947. Here, he plays the character of Halim Perdanakusuma, an important figure in Indonesian history.

“Honestly, as a national hero, this is the third film. Once upon a time, I once (played) Hj. The second Agus Salim became General Sudirman's assistant. And now, as Halim Perdanakusuma," said Ibnu Jamil at the 1947 Cadet press conference at Plaza Senayan XXI, Jakarta on Monday, November 22.

According to him, there is no need to compare the appearance of the characters with the original cast because they will never be the same.

"If we want to compare the original character with the character played, we will not find it. I'm sure the team of directors and players want to convey their fighting spirit and spirit through the 1947 Cadet vehicle," he said.

He hopes that through this film, the public, especially the younger generation, can know Indonesian heroes.

"Generation Z not only knows the Avengers or the Eternals but I also want the 1947 Cadets to be known," he hoped.

Meanwhile, the difficulty of the players in playing Cadet 1947 is the lack of sources in finding stories.

“It is a burden for me personally and for my friends who play national heroes, especially General Sudirman. There's not much that I can correct from Sudirman, because several channels discuss his behavior and stories, not his personality, "added Indra Pacique as Sudirman.

The film Cadet 1947 will be released in Indonesian cinemas starting November 25.

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