Here's Pascapemilu's Economic And Capital Conditions
Illustration - (Photo: Unsplash/Mathieu Stern)
JAKARTA - In the midst of the euphoria of the Presidential and Legislative elections in 2024, investors often question the potential for policy changes in the election effect of one of the candidates who can influence business in the future. Especially in issuers in the capital market. BRI's Director of Consumer Business Handayani revealed that, entering the first quarter of 2024, there is optimism that slowing inflation and cutting interest rates globally can be a positive sentiment towards the domestic financial market, especially towards the stability of the rupiah exchange rate. Meanwhile, Bank Indonesia has raised interest rates to 6 percent and is projected not to raise them again, but there is still uncertainty in 2024, especially regarding the economic development of the United States and the Fed's monetary policy. "Of course, a guide is needed for retail customers in determining the right investment strategy," Handayani said in a statement, quoted on Sunday, February 25. In line with this, BRIDS Retail and IT Director Fifi Virgantria said that peaceful elections will have a positive impact on market stability and currently investors tend to pay attention to policy direction. "Untuk kemungkinan perubahan-perubahan di sisi pemerintah yang akan mempengaruhi bisnis ke depan yang tentunya akan berdampak pada kinerja issuen di pasar modal,” jelasnya." Furthermore, BRIDS Head of Equity Research Erindra Krisnawan conveyed that the presidential election which took place well provided confirmation of Indonesia's stability factor. This is reflected in the optimism of the post-presidential election market which is marked by the flow of foreign investor funds that enter. In addition, it is also supported by expectations and prospects for higher long-term economic growth in the new government era. According to him, this positive trend could continue if it was supported by indications of net profit growth that could improve above the previous level of 7 percent to 8 percent. "In the meantime, macroeconomic stability currently provides protection for investors against the downside risk of growth ”" he said. Then, Community and Investor Founder Rivan Kurniawan explained that there was actually no urgency for Bank Indonesia to raise interest rates amid the controlled inflation target. According to him, Indonesia's economic fundamentals, which are considered quite good, in 2024, are expected to become a positive catalyst in line with capital inflows. “ In addition, there will be sectors that are favored when Prabowo and Gibran are elected President and Vice President, including the energy sector with downstreaming, palm oil, cement, related to the development of the State Capital (IKN), and many other sectors.” explained Rivan. Meanwhile, in terms of Feng Shui's knowledge, according to Feng Shui Yulius, as Founder of Feng Shui Consulting Indonesia explained that although the year of wooden dragon is synonymous with prosperity for Indonesia, there needs to be anticipation including the effects of war that will still heat up, high interest rates and inflation will still be an issue and there will be a global warming disaster and climate change from the el nino cycle.
Furthermore, Yulius said that from an economic point of view, the world recovery will be slow and tends to stagnate in this wooden dragon year. Therefore, the 2024 investment strategy is to adjust each other's risk profile, avoid forcing yourself, and must increase knowledge and investment durability.

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