JAKARTA - The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) is holding a KPBU Project Market Interest Exploration for investors in order to build the Minihydro Power Plant (PLTM) infrastructure in Leuwikeris Dam in West Java and Jenelata in South Sulawesi.

PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said the Ministry of PUPR continues to encourage efforts to develop alternative infrastructure financing schemes outside the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN).

"There are so many creative financing schemes for infrastructure. I hope that we will hold discussions regarding the schemes that continue to develop, especially at the Directorate General of Infrastructure Financing to be able to encourage and fill gaps in financing shortages in infrastructure development, especially for acceleration," Basuki said in a written statement received by VOI, Friday, November 24.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Infrastructure Financing at the Ministry of PUPR Herry Trisaputra Zuna said, based on the Regulation of the Minister of PUPR Number 2 of 2021, one of the infrastructures in the Water Resources sector that can be cooperated through the KPBU scheme is the water reservoir infrastructure and its complementary buildings, and among them are multipurpose reservoirs / dams and beneficial for the community.

"The Ministry of PUPR continues to encourage the optimization of the utilization of multipurpose reservoirs/dams to be able to achieve the target of the New and Renewable Energy mix (EBT) of 23 percent by 2025, so the hope is that it can achieve zero emissions by 2060," he said.

Currently, the Ministry of PUPR itself is preparing KPBU for the Provision of PLTM at the Leuwikeris Dam, West Java, and PLTM at Jenelata Dam, South Sulawesi. Both projects have a working period of 27 years with two years of construction and 25 years of take or pay scheme

"For the Leuwikeris PLTM itself, it is an unsolicited PPPBU project with indications of an investment value of IDR 225.38 billion and an annual electricity energy estimate of 53 GWh. Then, for the Jenelata PLTM is a solicited KPBU project with indications of an investment value of IDR 134 billion and an annual electricity energy estimate of 38.75 GWh," explained Herry.

The Leuwikeris Dam is targeted to complete construction in June 2024 with irrigation benefits of 11,216 ha and flood reduction of 59.68 cubic meters per second. This dam also has benefits of providing raw water with a capacity of 0.85 cubic meters per second and an electric potential of 7.4 MW.

Meanwhile, for Jenelata Dam, it is targeted to complete construction in 2028 with irrigation benefits covering an area of 26,773 ha, flood reduction of 686 cubic meters per second, raw water supply with a capacity of 6.05 meters per second, and electric potential of 7 MW.

"Through this market sounding, the Ministry of PUPR hopes to obtain input, responses, and be aware of market interest in this PPP project. Both from potential investors, financing institutions, and related stakeholders," he concluded.

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