The Ministry Of PUPR Has Completed The Construction Of The Cipanas Dam That Functions In Increasing Agricultural Irrigation In The Tambourine Area
Photo: Doc. Antara
The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has completed the construction of the Cipanas Dam in Sumedang Regency, West Java Province in order to increase agricultural irrigation in the Cirebon-Patimban-Kertajati (Rebana) triangle area. "Management of water resources and irrigation continues for food security. The dam and irrigation network are built at large costs. Therefore, ensure the quality of the work is good so that it can be used optimally to irrigate farmers' rice fields," said PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono in Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Thursday 9 November. The dam with a capacity of 250.81 million m3 is used as water storage for agricultural irrigation and raw water sources in the Cirebon-Patimban-Kertajati (Rebana) triangle area in Indramayu and Sumedang Regencies. The dam, which has a capacity 10 times larger than the Kuningan Dam, is projected to increase the supply of agricultural irrigation water in Sumedang and Indramayu Regencies covering an area of 9,273 hectares, especially in the Cipanas, Cikawung, and Cibunut Irrigation Areas. The irrigation water support from this dam is expected to increase the planting intensity of farmers from previously using the rainshed method which only produces one harvest in a year to 2 or 3 harvest times. With this large capacity, the Cipanas Dam is also expected to meet raw water of 850 liters/second for the Tambourine industrial area and residential areas, including Kertajati Airport.
Currently, it has been designed for industrial estates in Sumedang Regency of 650 liters/second and the need for drinking water for people in Terisi District, Indramayu Regency of 200 liters/second. The Cipanas Dam was built as high as 71.60 meters with the type of perpendicular core lag. This dam has an inundation area of 1,315.95 hectares which can also be used as a reservoir of flood water for the Indramayu area and its surroundings because it is able to reduce the flood discharge by 487.75 m3/second, as well as the potential as a power plant source of 3 MW. The construction of the Cipanas Dam was carried out during 2016-2023 with the implementing contractor PT. Wijaya Karya - PT. Jaya Konstruksi (KSO) which focuses on the construction of dams and PT. Brantas Abipraya (Persero) for the construction of supporting infrastructure. Overall, the construction cost of the Cipanas Dam is IDR 2.03 trillion sourced from the APBN.

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