Mixue, China's Hot Ice Cream Waralaba In Indonesia
Several types of Mixue ice cream products. (Instagram/@mixue.malang.kayuangan)

JAKARTA Not all business franchise Food and Beverage (F&B) is experiencing a difficult time right now. Look at the F&B contract that carries a boarding concept, it is actually growing rapidly even though it is in a pandemic condition.

For example, Mixue Ice Cream & Tea. This Chinese Brazilian continues to sell well in the Indonesian market. Many capital owners are attracted to be able to take advantage more by becoming frequentisee.

Since its first appearance in 2020 at Cihampelas Walk, Bandung, the number of Mixue outlets has continued to grow, reportedly more than 317 outlets are currently.

Mixue, according to Top Coach Indonesia CEO Tom MC Ifle, does have uniqueness. On abrad basis, based on Momentum Work data in 2021. Mixue already occupies the 5th position as the largest F&B company in the world with a total of 21,582 outlets.

This achievement is certainly not an instant. Founder of Mixue, Zhang Hongchao has been designing his business since the early 2000s. When his business grew, in 2007, Hongchao began collaborating with a number of partners to manage business production activities from upstream to downstream, including the raw materials for its ice cream.

Mixue Bingcheng takes care of operations and management, Henan Daka Food takes care of research and production, and Shangdao Intelligent Supply takes care of logistics and warehousing. Henan Daka Food, as reported by Katadata, operates five factories with an area of more than 50 thousand square meters that has implemented an automatic system as a whole.

"These factories are able to reduce the cost of producing raw materials, so the cost of goods sold is very low and is highly favored by frequentisee," Tom said, as reported by the YouTube channel Tom MC Ifle on February 9.

In terms of market, it is also very large. In Indonesia, ice cream is classified as contemporary snacks, favorites for children and adults. In 2021 alone, sales of dessertretail ice cream in Indonesia can reach 425 million US dollars according to Euromonitor data.

Moreover, said Tom, Mixue comes with a different concept of ice cream products. It has many flavors and toppings but at affordable prices.

In its home country, the selling price strategy has proven to be accurate in increasing the popularity of Mixue. If ice cream is usually sold for 10 yuan, then Hongchao's ice cream is only sold at a price of 2 to 3 yuan, depending on what variant is ordered.

That is an important point in business. Mixues are able to develop unique and interesting product innovations different from ice cream in general, so they have characteristics," he said.

The promotions carried out are also intense and in accordance with the times. Relying on social media through attractive photos, videos, and testimonials from consumers or influencers.

"Sopackaging, attractive, unique, and showing brands makes it easy to remember. So, many factors make Mixues can develop rapidly in Indonesia," said Tom.

Not to mention related to operational management. According to Tom, there is no need to look for employees with extraordinary abilities to operate ice cream outlets.

Although the frequency price of Mixue is high up to Rp800 million. However, when referring to the turnover data of several branches, the Broken Even Point (BEP) period is fairly fast.

The amount of turnover depends on the location of the outlet. Like the Mixue of the Jati Pangkalan branch, it can be Rp. 6-10 million per day. The Baynaga branch mixue reaches Rp. 15 million per day, such as information that went viral on social media some time ago. There is also a Mixue branch which is only Rp. 20 million per month.

Investasi yang terhitung cepat balik modal, banyaknya variasi yang ditawarkan, mudah untuk dikembangkan, trending, harga jual lebih terjangkau untuk banyak kalangan, ini adalah kenapa bisnis es cream begitu diminati, Tom menuturkan.

Mixue has pocketed halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). The halal decision for Ice Cream & Tea Mixue products was issued by MUI on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

Is with this certification, the Mixue outlets will proliferate more? Or quite the opposite, the elimination of competition from new products that continue to emerge.

"The name business must have obstacles, competition, especially if the business is growing fast, there must be many enemies," added Tom.

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