The National Police Chief Attended The Invitation To The Pancasila Youth Ormas, Spokes For Politics And National Ideology
Photo: Doc. Police

JAKARTA - National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo attended the inauguration of the Pancasila Youth National Leadership Council (MPN) on Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Saturday, October 1, 2022.

"Perhaps the first time I would like to thank you for the invitation given to us and it is an honor for us to have the opportunity to inaugurate a new building together. If we have spoken about Pancasila, even though we are different, we are still one and one in the ideology of Pancasila," said Sigit in a written statement, Sunday, October 1.

On this occasion, Sigit reminded all parties related to the Indonesian nation which will face the simultaneous General Elections (Pemilu) in 2024.

According to Sigit, all parties must have a sense of spirit and common interest in dealing with the five-year democratic party. In this case, Sigit emphasized the issue of maintaining and upholding the sense of unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation.

Sigit said that the implementation of the 2024 General Election must be better than in 2019. The reason is, for the implementation of the next election, there should be no more polarization or identity politics issues.

"I only remind that what is called our unity and integrity is the third principle of Pancasila. So when we talk about national politics, the politics that we must convey to the community is Pancasila politics and ideology. So that's what I ordered," said Sigit.

Therefore, Sigit hopes that anyone who will later become a presidential candidate in the 2024 General Election must be able to uphold the unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation. And, conveying the ideas and visions and missions of advanced Indonesia.

"Thus we can avoid division, we can avoid polarization. Because in the future what we need is unity and integrity," said Sigit.

Furthermore, Sigit emphasized, all elements of the nation must protect Pancasila and national goals in order to create a just and prosperous society. Therefore, Sigit said, it is necessary to have synergy and solidity of all elements of the nation in order to achieve these ideals.

"Once again, because we can do anything, our religion can be anything, we talk about Pancasila, so we talk about the ideology of the state, then we all become one because of Pancasila. And we have all proven that it is the basis of a country that we must always maintain forever," concluded Sigit.

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