NBA Collaboration With Microsoft Brings Virtual Audience

JAKARTA - The National Basketball Association (NBA) will restart its season of matches that was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But following the new order of normality, NBA basketball games will be held virtually.

This is done in relation to social regulations and physical distancing, so that gathering activities such as watching music concerts or sports matches are no longer permitted. In order to present the euphoria of the NBA basketball game, collaborate with Microsoft to create a virtual stadium.

Launching The Verge, the NBA and Microsoft will work together to place the audience virtually through a large screen installed in the stadium stands. Relying on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Microsoft will bring 300 viewers directly through the Teams application.

NBA virtual stadium concept (doc. Microsoft)

Later, the stands will be filled with spectators who watch NBA games from home. Through a new feature, the 'Together Mode', it allows Microsoft Teams users to attend virtually any NBA basketball game.

Microsoft will simulate all of its users to sit in the stands during the game. Microsoft Teams users can also interact by feeling the euphoria of the match directly, through the emoticons or animations that have been provided.

"We are excited to partner with Microsoft to virtually include NBA fans in this season. It will be a new experience watching the game and still allow fans to maintain a sense of belonging while watching their favorite team or player," said Head of Telecast Next Gen, NBA. , Sara Zuckert at the Microsoft blog, Monday, July 27.

The audience stand will be filled with screens for virtual viewers (doc. Microsoft)

In fact, the NBA was forced to postpone its season in March, after a player from the Utah Jazz team tested positive for COVID-19. The plan is that the NBA will resume matches this season, after all players and staff have passed negative COVID-19 tests.

The basketball association has also started preparing supporting infrastructure to prevent transmission of the corona virus in the stadium area. In addition to the placement of virtual seats, the NBA will also reduce match admission tickets to only 320 people.