Get To Know Tapera As An Investment Product And Cheap Housing For Those In Need

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JAKARTA - Talks about Tapera have been endless in the last few days. Its presence in the middle of a pandemic has become a polemic in itself. Moreover, Tapera will cut the salaries of employers and workers on a mandatory basis. This obligation is based on the principle of mutual cooperation which becomes the person of the Indonesian nation. However, it could be that in the midst of this commotion, Tapera might even be a solution.

Tapera is a form of state concern for the first home for Low-Income Communities (MBR). In addition, the function of Tapera is as a long-term investment product for people who are not included in the MBR category or who already own their first house. Of course, the benefits of Tapera are expected to be used by people who do not have their first home, or as a long-term investment.

The plan is that the implementation of PP Tapera will begin in 2021. The existence of this PP is considered important for the sustainability of its operations. This was conveyed by the Director General of Public Works and Housing Infrastructure Financing of the Ministry of PUPR, Eko Djoeli Heripoerwanto in a virtual press briefing on the Implementation and Benefits of Tapera for Workers last Friday which was broadcast on the KemenPU YouTube channel.

Commissioner of BP Tapera, Adi Setianto said that Tapera could be a solution to raise long-term and sustainable low-cost funds for financing decent and affordable housing, as well as to realize the dream of a shared home. According to him at this time, long-term mortgages have a high cost. Moreover, the principle of Tapera is mutual cooperation in the context of the national social security system, not just a factor of residence.

Tapera still has a long way to go, implementation will only begin in 2021. However, what needs to be noted is that Tapera uses investment principles. The Tapera fee is also mandatory. Actually there is nothing wrong with this. The money that we save while working will also return to us along with the interest, if it is as promised. In terms of investment, there is no guarantee of any kind. This is of course an important note for Tapera if they want to be considered a credible institution.

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