Threads Will Launch Posts Screening Feature

JAKARTA Threads, a Meta microblog platform, will launch a hidden post feature. This feature will help users to archive each post manually or automatically.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, via his personal account, said that this feature is being tested on several users. Although it is not explained when the feature will be released, usually Threads will expand its features within weeks of testing.

Lucky users who get this feature can hide their posts from the profile page. The method is quite easy, they just need to click the vertical three-dot icon in any post, then Archives option Now.

"You can do it manually, for individual posts, or choose to archive all posts automatically after a certain period of time," Mosseri said on Thursday, April 25.

From an example of the feature display shared by Mosseri, it can be seen that the Archives feature can now hide posts automatically by setting the time. Users can click the hide option automatically in 17 days.

When selecting this option, the post will disappear within the specified time. Hidden posts will be stored in the archive, according to Mosseri's explanation. Therefore, users can bring up their posts again.

Mosseri explained that Meta wants to make this feature automatic, but not all users want it. After polling, "a strong response doesn't make this a default, so we'll try it as an option."

For now, it is not clear whether the hidden post feature has a wide range of times in filing posts. It is not yet known what the appearance of the posting archive looks like, so we have to wait until the feature is released.