4 Lobbying Techniques That Prioritize Communication

YOGYAKARTA A simple lobbying can be understood as an attempt to communicate with a person or another party to achieve the goal. To launch the goal, lobbying is combined with techniques in particular in communication. This article will discuss lobbying techniques for the sake of achieving the goal.

Lobbying or in Indonesian is called lobbying, according to Anna Gustina Zainal, SOS., MSI in a textbook entitled Lobbying and Negotiation Engineering is an activity carried out by someone who tries to influence others for certain purposes, both in government institutions and organizations.

lobbying activities are usually applied in various fields ranging from business, government, or other personal domains. In its implementation, the lobbying is carried out by various methods, for example by means of personal speech, it can also be done by giving certain rewards as a form of agreement.

Although lobbying methods can be done in various ways, lobbying prioritizes communication. The following is a lobbying technique that can be done by means of communication.

The most common and easy lobbying technique is personal communication. This method prioritizes personal relationships between lobbyists and those who want to be lobbied. This technique is usually successful if the lobbyist and the lobbyist have personal relationships.

For example, you are a student who has a thesis trial in the near future. In order for smooth trial activities, you try to communicate with the supervisor who is outside the lecturer campus is a neighbor. This method is personal enough to be done between students and examiner lecturers.

In order for lobbying activities to be successfully carried out, the lobbyist can involve his psychological condition. This technique aims to get sympathy from those who want to be lobbied so that the lobbying goal is achieved. This technique also prioritizes communication.

For example, you want to buy a pair of shoes for an orphanage. In order to get affordable prices, you can lobby shoe sellers by telling the condition of the orphanage. This method aims to make sellers sympathize with the condition of orphanage children who do not have shoes so that the best price can be given.

Data and facts can be revealed in communication when lobbying is carried out. This technique will strengthen the reasons lobbying can be done.

For example, you are an Indonesian Investment Minister who wants to lobby the owner of a mobile phone company to build a factory in Indonesia. As a lobbyist, you then present data and facts that will convince the company owner that the decision to build a factory in Indonesia is something worth the investment value.

Pressure techniques are also legitimate in lobbying activities. Often this technique is quite successful in some difficult conditions. But to do so, lobbyists must be careful so that bad things don't turn around.

For example, you are a minister from a superpower who plans to lobby for neighboring countries to stop the practice of selling illegal weapons. In order for the lobbying to succeed, the minister takes advantage of his country's empowerment so that the lobbied country will consider your statement.

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