Midtrans Launches Invoiting Service, Creates Automatic Invoices With API System

JAKARTA - In strengthening its commitment to providing a reliable payment gateway service, Midtrans, part of GoTo Financial introduced Midtrans Invoiting.

The Midtrans Invoicing solution aims to make it easier for business owners to collect to customers, so they can use their time to really focus on developing their business.

If previously business owners still relied on receipts or manual invoices as proof of payment, and had difficulty tracking payments, through this solution, business owners would get automatic reminders and payment links.

"This feature helps accelerate the process of billing invoices to customers so that it is hoped that the company's cash flow will be smoother and the company's operations will be more efficient," said GoTo Financial Group Head of Merchant Services, Haryanto Tanjo, quoted Wednesday, February 28.

By leveraging Midtrans Invoiting, business actors will get at least four main benefits, including creating automatic invoices, accepting faster payments, creating multiple invoices at once with the API system, as well as centralizing all income and expenses on one dashboard.

Interestingly, this Midtrans Invoiting solution can be used for all business scales in various sectors, ranging from SMEs, service providers, distributors of various products, and so on.

The convenience presented by Midtrans Invoiting has even been acknowledged by Valensio, the owner of Campsite Indonesia who is one of the initial Midtrans Invoiting customers.

"As a business owner, the invoice feature of the Midtrans has transformed the customer payment process. Shipping bills is easier," said Valensio.