Leveled Seats, New Design Of Aircraft Seats With Extensive Footspace

JAKARTA - While sitting on a narrow airplane seat, a five-hour trip to heaven can feel like forever. However, a 23-year-old may be changing this by designing a graded airplane seat with a surprising footspace.

Alejandro N wayez Vicente, from Madrid, has big ambitions to increase long-distance travel with his new Longue Chair of the Economy that is suitable for the middle alley.

This 6-foot 2-inch chair allows users to stretch their legs completely and land themselves at an angle of 125 degrees, almost like 'lying'.

Concerns about the etiquette of falling a chair will be missed, as no one directly behind can complain about it.

"On the one hand, the lower row is perfect for individuals with limited mobility or to rest on long-distance flights," the company claimed.

"These curves can be completely pulled into the structure to make it easier to enter and leave, and the armament of seats reaches an angle of 125 degrees (15 degrees more than the current economic class).

"More importantly, passengers can stretch their legs completely and provide support, similar to the lying position.

"On the other hand, to access the top row, you have to go up two steps. With the same 125 degree recocline angle, this row gives passengers more leg space and privacy."

Vicente began building its first hand-to-hand aircraft seat prototype in 2021, using just a "board group".

Since then, big players in the aerospace industry have been interested in the concept, including Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates.

His ideas have even rolled out on the Metaverse, with a seat model available for anyone to see at any time.

"I can confidently say that I am proud of what I have achieved, but I am even more proud of everyone who has helped and pushed me in various ways, because only thanks to them I am in this position at this time," Vicente wrote in a post on Instagram in June last year.

"For everyone who believes that 'I work for the aviation industry' or that 'I just want to make your experience in economic class worse for loading more people', I can only say that my goal as a designer is to make economic classes better for all travelers who can't afford tickets more expensive," he said.

While the main focus is on passenger comfort, this revolutionary seat can also provide more space for passengers on the plane, according to CNN. The seats can be adapted to any passenger class, with a premium design already designed to remove the center seat in the lower row.

"We had people come to try it, famous people who saw the article, and they said, 'I want to try it out'," Vicente told CNN.

"In the end, by having a graded airplane seat, you optimize space, you take advantage of the space that is otherwise just air," he added.

With its innovative design offering wider space and comfort for passengers, Alejandro N thanksez Vicente hopes to bring positive changes to the long-distance flight experience. It is hoped that the Chaise Longue Economy Seat seat can help reduce discomfort and provide more privacy to passengers on the flight.