Through Indonesia's Amplify Event, Nokia Introduces New Technology Supporting 5G Networks

JAKARTA - Through the Amplify Indonesia event, Nokia introduced the latest strategies and technologies to help communication service providers and accelerate digital transformation through the 5G network in Indonesia.

"We believe that opportunities for Indonesia's digital transformation journey have matured to increase productivity, sustainability, and great accessibility and we are very pleased with Nokia's ongoing role in supporting partners and customers on this trip," said President Director of Nokia Indonesia, Ozgur Erzincan in South Jakarta, Wednesday, June 7.

"We hope to provide the best solution needed to encourage this nation to progress towards the future," he added.

The innovations presented during the Amplify Indonesia event include all company portfolios, cellular networks, cloud networks, and network infrastructure technology, specifically curated from Nokia's participation in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, in Barcelona, Spain.

Here are some of the technologies that Nokia focuses on.

MX Industrial Edge

Nokia MX Industrial Edge is a technology that combines the agility and simplicity of the edge-as-a-service model with a high-performance, resilient, and secure edge architecture designed to meet the mission-critical needs of the asset-industrial environment.

This technology opens up important business use for corporations. For example, real-time video feeds and warning monitoring, as well as advanced video analytic solutions for important applications such as quality or safety guarantees.

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome

Providing cybersecurity solutions by using 5G pre-building technology to ensure network security. The network security team can choose the use of 5G from a comprehensive catalog to cover all telecommunications technologies from RAN to Transport and Inti.

This service is based on XDR (Extended Detection and Response) capabilities that collect, accumulate, analyze, and connect security data from various sources, enrich them with the telecommunication context to help security operations teams assess business risks, increase decision making, and control costs and risks.

Wavence Microwave Solutions

Nokia's Microwave Portfolio Wavence is a complete solution for all usage that includes remote, short-range, E-Band, and SDN (Software Definable Networks) management, both for cellular operators and corporate customers.

The zero-footprint implementation for full-outdoor architecture can be integrated directly with RAN and IP devices with general management. This will contribute to reducing overall network energy consumption and software features as well as its automation features helping to achieve further energy saving targets.

Nokia Presents Optical Product Solutions

Nokia's optical network products and solutions allow unlimited scaling that allows basic connectivity for network communications. Nokia's solutions scale from edge networks and cross long-range/core and underwater links, as well as simplify network operations to build smarter and automated networks that streamline service delivery as well as lower total network ownership costs (TCO).

Nokia's network automation solution helps CSP, webscale corporations, and other corporations to grow revenue, accelerate the spread of services, and build more programmed IP and optical networks, as well as responsive, efficient, and reliable.

Nokia Chipset Development

Nokia's ReefShark chipset focuses on 5G end-to-end networks, increasing the intelligence and performance of massive MIMO antennas, as well as AirScale System Modules.

The technology was self-developed by utilizing Nokia's experience in silicon design as well as antenna development expertise for mobile devices and Nokia Bell Labs innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to realize high-performance and efficient network solutions.

The PSE-6s capabilities platform Nokia is designed to help network operators ensure their optical transmission network can be scaled to meet exponentially increasing capacity demands, providing very high-speed services efficiently including 400GE and 800GE, while reducing network power consumption.

There are also Quillion Chipsets that support GPON, XGS-PON, NG-PON2, and Multi-PON Modules (for example, GPON + XGS-PON) with a leading port density in the industry and full non-blocking throughput capabilities.

In addition to providing power savings of up to 50 percent, improving competitive features and offering innovation and timely differentiation, Nokia made a strategic decision to take advantage of the proven high-performance network processing ASIC design capabilities and develop Quillion.

Meanwhile, silicon network processing of FP5 Nokia provides generational leaps in IP network capacity and power efficiency as well as introduces a new capability to protect network traffic from the security threat of FP5 which is the industry's first high-performance routing silicon.

Not only that, but silicon processing of the FP5 network provides integrated path rate encryption for L2, L2.5 and L3 network services with speeds up to 1.6 Tb/s. The FP5 sets a new benchmark for sustainability in IP routing with a power consumption reduction of 75 percent compared to the previous generation.