BMKG Reminds Forest And Land Fires In Bengkulu Predicted July To August

BENGKULU - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency said that the people of Bengkulu Province still need to be aware of the potential for forest and land fires (karhutla) in the dry period that has started to hit since June 2023. "Although Bengkulu has no significant peatlands compared to South Sumatra, Jambi or Riau, but Bengkulu still has and it needs to be watched out for in this dry season, don't let forest and land fires occur," said Bengkulu Province BMKG Data and Information Coordinator Anwar quoted on Wednesday 7 June. He said that people should not trigger forest or land fires because they carried out actions that were negligent in the dry situation. "There are three hot spots, monitoring until 07.00 WIB this morning (Wednesday 7 June 2023)," he said. Bengkulu province, his word, has also been hit by the dry season that started to hit since June 2023, but the severity is predicted not to be like other regions in Indonesia. "It is not as bad as in the dry season but will still get rain. Even though it is dry, but Bengkulu is not dry, the problem is Bengkulu has a high rainfall level when compared to other regions," he said. The rainfall in Bengkulu is at an intermediate intensity of 150 mm. According to BMKG the rainfall is divided into three categories, the low rainfall rainfall level is 0-100 mm, intermediate 100-300 mm, and the high is 300-500 mm.

"Entering July and August, Bengkulu will still experience rain, drizzling. So it is not really dry and dry," he said. However, BMKG still reminds residents to prepare for dryness, and also use water efficiently, not wasteful use of water.