Map Of Vitality Issues Among Power Users

Narrated in "Penile Power in the Line of Strong Medicine History," the use of tonic drugs is a long legacy of its predecessors. Interestingly, there is a class system in it, which even continues to this day. Part of VOI's signature Series, "Strong with Drugs," in this article, we try to capture the trends in the use of tonic drugs as well as the class system that prevails today.

Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Central Jakarta, Thursday night, January 9, was less crowded. Dede --not his real name-- had just finished glaring at the blue tarp he used to cover his little white cart from the rain. His hands were then busy re-rolling the tarp before placing it on a plastic chair near the cart. Dangdut songs were heard from his cell phone, which he placed near the electrical contacts attached to the cart. Wings, as opposed to the whir of car and motorbike engines passing around.

"Come on, Mas. Which one do you want?" he asked, finished.

Before us, dozens of boxes of strong medicine brands were lined up. Well-known brands such as Viagra and Cialis are placed at the center. Around him, other foreign-sounding brands such as Spider, Go Sex, or Jaguar also complete Dede's collection. Not just medicine. Dede also provides vitality-enhancing herbs and brewed coffee, as well as Hajar Jahanam branded topical cream and Magic Power branded mejik wipes.

"If you are afraid, you want the fast one, just a tissue or a smear," said Dede, persuading us to buy his wares.

Dede caught our presence as localization customers around. Most of Dede's customers come from that circle, indeed. He said, there is a symbiosis that exists between drug traffickers and prostitution mucus service providers, even though commercial sex workers (CSWs) really enjoy sexual activity with customers who use strong drugs or not.

"Yes (most of the buyers are prostitution customers). There's a definite connection (symbiosis)," said Dede.

When the VOI team visited Dede's strong medicine shop (Irfan Meidianto / VOI)

Reluctant to answer questions, Dede again offered us strong medicinal products. Cialis from China is sold at a price of IDR 25 thousand per item. He sold the blue Viagra pill for Rp.50 thousand. When we questioned the side effects on our health, Dede said the products he offered were zero side effects. Not true, of course. Use of strong drugs is prohibited for some people with heart disease and high blood pressure or men over 40 years of age.

"Yes, nothing ... It's okay, people are still young. Those who are old are brave. Especially those who are still young," said Dede.

At Martin's other strong medicine shop in the Jatinegara area, East Jakarta, we found several different findings. If Dede, who operates in the Hayam Wuruk prostitution area, has customers who are dominated by prostitution service users, Martin actually has a more diverse market. This does not mean that the Jatinegara area is clean from prostitution. Hundreds of meters to the south, we can find a third class localization, Gunung Antang.

"Here there are more kinds of things. There are those who buy cars, some buy motorbikes. On average they buy roads. So, I don't know if the buyers are from there (Mount Antang)," said Martin to the VOI team.

If Dede kept stuffing us with famous brands such as Viagra and Cialis, Martin would instead give us another option in the form of a locally made strong drug called Jaguar. The price is much cheaper, pegged at Rp. 15 thousand per item.

According to Martin, the Jaguar brand is selling well among strong drug users. At a low price, Jaguar can provide the same effect as Viagra or Cialis. He said, how to use it was easy. Just take one grain 30 minutes before playing, guaranteed vitality increases.

User class

At Hayam Wuruk we found many users taking strong drugs for recreational purposes. In Jatinegara, it is more or less the same. Although he did not get an answer as straight as the answer we got from Hayam Wuruk, the confession of one of the traders, Martin, revealed the close relationship between the use of strong drugs and prostitution around the area.

Class mapping still occurs in the use of strong drugs. However, the classification is not just a question of social strata as happened in the days of kings. Much more complex. The classification can be divided based on the purpose of using, treatment, to the type of strong drugs used. Sexologist, Doctor Boyke Dian Nugraha agrees. According to him, the problem of using strong drugs is very complex. It is necessary to classify groups of strong drug users.

Talking about Hayam Wuruk and Jatinegara and the transaction patterns of buying strong drugs there, in fact we are only looking into one corner of the issue regarding the use of strong drugs and prostitution. In fact, according to Boyke, the problem of strong drugs is broader than that.

At his clinic, Boyke was frequently visited by patients with sexual problems. Unlike those who come to stalls such as Dede and Martin, those who come to the Boyke clinic usually suffer from sexual problems due to medical conditions.

"Here more people consult with husband and wife. His name is also (clinic) Couples. So immediately the two of them came ... I have sugar, it's okay, okay, we give medicine," Boyke said we met at the Couples Clinic, Tebet, South Jakarta, Monday, January 13.

Doctor Boyke Dian Nugraha (Irfan Meidianto / VOI)

The treatment is different. Boyke admits that he continues to prioritize natural behavior changes to deal with the vitality of his patients. Even if there are treatments that need to be done, Boyke will prioritize physiotherapy and the use of herbal ingredients.

"So we are more concerned with counseling, implementing a healthy lifestyle, herbal medicines, physiotherapy are one package so that we are not dependent on drugs," said Boyke.

In this day and age, strong medicine arises out of necessity. Times encourage people to live with unhealthy patterns. Routines and busyness get rid of exercise habits. Human traffic and the development of transportation magically do not increase human mobility, but reduce it. These kinds of things also affect men's sexual abilities.

"So, you see, men in Indonesia are no longer healthy. Their lifestyle is unhealthy. First, their food. Moreover, millennial workers who come home that night, the food is definitely instant," said Boyke.

"Then, he lacks exercise. Especially in Bekasi. He lives around Jakarta, he doesn't have time to come home at night. Then the food. Then the stress is prolonged," Boyke added.

Seeing the complexity in the classification of strong drug users, we can actually see how this problem has touched many aspects of life. It's not just a matter of manhood. There are sexual needs that need to be met by the household.

And behind everything, there are medical problems that sometimes people don't realize, which are actually very much related to their bed life.

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