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Vaccine illustration (Hakan Nural / Unsplash)

JAKARTA - Wednesday, January 13 President Jokowi became the first person to receive an injection of the COVID-19 vaccine. Not to forget, the artist Raffi Ahmad as a representative of young Indonesians who received vaccines. This vaccine is expected to stop the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

The pros and cons of the COVID-19 vaccine are still widely discussed even though the distribution of the vaccine has been going on. The Sinovac vaccine, which is believed to have an efficacy of 65.3 percent according to BPOM, is expected to be a way out of the pandemic. However, it is important that we understand how a vaccine works so that it has the potential to stop a pandemic.

In March 2020, VOI's editorial staff reviewed how close we are to the corona virus vaccine. Unexpectedly, within 1 year since this virus appeared, the vaccine could be distributed. In fact, not only one type, but there are several types of vaccines from various parts of the world that are ready for distribution.

This time, VOI will discuss how vaccines work. Hit the listen button and we'll tell the story for you.

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