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Copyright illustration (Mahesa ARK / VOI)

JAKARTA - In today's digital era, the activity of sharing digital content is increasing. People compete to share photos, images, and videos so that the content is liked by many people. However, the understanding of copyright still seems to be a big question. Even public figures sometimes still have problems regarding copyright. A few days ago, Awkarin's name was again busy talking about. Awkarin used other people's pictures without the owner's permission to upload on his social media. Worse, this isn't Awkarin's first case. About a year ago, he also became a hot topic on social media because of the same thing. Awkarin has used images on Pinterest twice without the owner's permission.

Cases of copyright infringement like this do not only happen to public figures or creator content. Big companies such as Buzzfeed, Getty Images, Google, and Amazon have also been sued for copyright infringement.

This time, VOI's Siniar will provide you with information about copyright, as well as a way to avoid copyright infringement by understanding its types, especially photo and image copyright. Please hit the listen button and let us tell the story for you.

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